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Welcome to Right Pundits's collection of political news photos and videos of your favorite news characters and personalities. From John McCain and Barack Obama, to Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, we've got the picture for you.


  • full wenn5116974
    full wenn5116974
  • full wenn5170014
    full wenn5170014
  • full wenn5170021
    full wenn5170021
  • G 20 Summit
    G 20 Summit
  • gabrielle giffords
    gabrielle giffords
  • gabrielle giffo...
    gabrielle giffo...
  • gaddafi killed
    gaddafi killed
  • gadhafi
  • gadhafi son war...
    gadhafi son war...
  • gadhafis last w...
    gadhafis last w...
  • gallup poll obama
    gallup poll obama
  • game review pha...
    game review pha...
  • GAO report
    GAO report
  • gary johnson
    gary johnson
  • gas prices rising
    gas prices rising
  • gas prices spik...
    gas prices spik...
  • gas prices summ...
    gas prices summ...
  • gates arrest
    gates arrest
  • gates memior ob...
    gates memior ob...
  • gays1
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