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October 24th, 2016

WikiLeaks Confirmed, Media Polls Rigged

Those of us who watch politics regularly already knew that many polls are heavily skewed to achieve a desired outcome. The ongoing release of John Podesta emails by WikiLeaks confirms this, taking out of the realm of conspiracy or wishful thinking and into hard-core fact! One email in particular included a 37-page instruction book from a Progressive group called Atlas Project employee, which helps Democratic Party candidates with a full range of campaign data services. The original email with the how-to handbook was from an employee of Atlas Project, Crystal King, and is dated from January 17, 2008.

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October 23rd, 2016

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere – Are You Ready?

Are you ready for tonight′s Season 7 premiere of ″The Walking Dead″? I certainly am! I need a break from politics. Actually, I have been watching other stuff, such as the Viceland TV series, ″Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens″. Action Bronson, a rapper and foodie, watches the History Channel series ″Ancient Aliens″ with his rapper buddies while smoking vast quantities of marijuana. Yeah, its goofy and funny, but sometimes the mind needs a break. Not sure if we will get such a break from AMC-TV tonight as we finally learn who Negan kills. The producers of ″TWD″ have promised us viewers that it will be a very emotional episode and have advised that you do not watch it alone. You may need somebody to cuddle up and cry with.

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere

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October 22nd, 2016

Donald Trump Gettysburg Address

Donald Trump will appear in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania today to address a rally on what he will do during the first 100 days of his presidency. Some are calling this Trump′s ′Contract With America′. There are also reports that Trump will even sign some sort of written document, pledging to carry out the agenda he will outline today. Donald Trump appeared last night on the Fox News Channel program, ″Hannity″, giving Sean Hannity a taste of what he will say today.

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October 22nd, 2016

Bob Creamer and Scott Foval Resign After Project Veritas Video

James O′Keefe′s Project Veritas latest video has cost Bob Creamer and Bob Foval their jobs. Both Creamer and Foval were high ranking officials of Americans United for Change, AUC, a political group which had been performing work for the Hillary Clinton campaign. The undercover video by Project Veritas was part of an investigation into how the Democratic Party was engaged in various dirty tricks conducted during this election. Foval was a national field director for AUC and the head of his own political org, The Foval Group. The undercover video recorded Foval bragging about how Creamer, who was head of his own org, Democracy Partners, and himself had staged the riot in Chicago outside a Donald Trump rally. In the video, Foval explains who they were hired by the Clinton campaign through the DNC in an attempt to provide ′buffers′ and deniability.

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October 20th, 2016

Donald Trump on Election Results, Won’t Commit During Presidential Debate

During the third and final 2016 Presidential Debate last night, Donald trump caused another storm in The Media when he responded to a question by moderator Chris Wallace about not committing to the election results. Trump said, ″I′ll keep you is suspense.″ Atta-Boy, Donald! Keep′em guessing! The Media went ballistic over this, naturally, since Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton during the debate on every issue. He even managed to bring up the new video by Project Veritas about how the Clinton campaign, DNC and the Barack Obama White House has been behind the staged, violent protests outside of Trump rallies. Trump also nailed Hillary on the corruption of her family charity foundation, particularly on how they ripped off the people of Haiti. It truly was a bad night for Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump exposed her fully as being a corrupt, crooked, inept politician who has both bad instincts and judgment.

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October 19th, 2016

Viva Las Vegas! Last 2016 Presidential Debate Tonight!

The third and last 2016 Presidential Debate is tonight at 9pm EDT. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will square off at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Chris Wallace of the Fox News Channel will be the moderator. The 90-minute debate will cover topics like the National Debt, Entitlements, Immigration, the Economy, the Supreme Court and Foreign Policy. Naturally, the subject of ′fitness to be President′ will also be raised. How this last matter will be framed is a big question mark. Will Chris Wallace spend an equal amount of time on scandals of both? Hardly seems ′fair and balanced′ as the number of Hillary Clinton scandals far outweighs those allegedly connected to Trump.

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October 18th, 2016

Bombshells! FBI on Hillary Clinton Email Fix, Video Proof Trump Protests Staged

Two new bombshells exploded in the news yesterday that may spell more trouble for Democrats. First, we have another document dump by the FBI on the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Turns out that a State Department official, Patrick Kennedy, offered a ′Quid Quo Pro′ deal for the FBI to change the email classification. In particular, one email concerning the Benghazi attack. Kennedy offered to add additional posts for FBI agents at our embassies around the world. The second bombshell came from the James O′Keefe group, Project Veritas. They secretly recorded a conversation with Scott Foval, well known within the Democratic Party. His Foval Group was paid to stage the Donald Trump protests, including the one in Chicago where violence broke out, forcing Trump to cancel his rally. Foval bragged in the video about being paid for these actions by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC with the approval of the Barack Obama White House.

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October 17th, 2016

RightPundits Book Review – ‘Liberty Violated’ by Christopher Green

Is Western Civilization being deliberately destroyed? Author Christopher Green answers ′Yes′ to that question in his new book, ″LIBERTY VIOLATED: Untold Stories of the Seven Deadly Betrayals Breaking Down Western Civilization″. The book is self-published by Green and available as a download through Click2Sell for $19.97. Christopher Green takes us through history around the world, giving us examples on how liberty is being destroyed on purpose. From the American Civil War, through World War One and the rise of Marxism, to conflicts in the Middle East, the Balkans and Africa, Green identifies the perpetrators and their methods. There is little doubt that individual freedom is at stake.

Liberty Violated

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