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February 24th, 2017

President Donald Trump to address CPAC 2017

What a difference a year makes! President Donald J. Trump will be addressing the CPAC 2017 gathering today at about 10:20am EDT. The American Conservative Union is hosting its annual Conservative Political Action Conference once again in Maryland at the Gaylord Convention Center. Last year, Candidate Trump passed on appearing there. Rumors abound about how a hostile crowd was planning on pelting him with vegetables on stage. CPAC 2016 could have been called ′Cuck-PAC′, as most of those attending were a mix of ′Never-Trump′-ers, and supporters of either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. But, this year, the taste of victory has changed everything!

CPAC 2017

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February 24th, 2017

James O’Keefe Releases CNN Leaked Audio

The founder of Project Veritas, James O′Keefe, has released some 100 to 200 hours of leaked audio files from inside CNN. The ′tapes′ of #CNNLeaks were mostly recorded back in 2009. While they seem to be mostly innocuous stuff, a few tidbits are interesting. Such as how CNN staffers hate Fox News because they are too American! LOL! If that ain′t a hoot! O′Keefe is also putting out a $10,000 bounty on any documents or other material which shows media bias or ′Fake News′ policies. While this supports the ongoing exposure of Liberal bias within The Media, its certainly not as amusing as the recent gaffe by MSNBC morning host, Mika Brzezinski. On Wednesday′s episode of ″Morning Joe″, Mika was complaining about how President Donald Trump′s attack on The Media is ″undermining″ them in an effort to ″control what people think″. She claimed that, ″That′s our job!″ None of the others on set, including would-be Conservative Joe Scarborough, challenged Mika.

James O'Keefe CNN

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February 21st, 2017

Tucker Carlson Debunks the Debunkers on Sweden Refugee Crime

Fox News Channel host, Tucker Carlson, debunked the debunkers on Sweden and its refugee crime problem last night. Last week, Carlson had on as a guest documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who had included an interview with two Swedish police officers in his film on refugee crime. This topic became news on Saturday when President Donald Trump mentioned it during his rally speech in Melbourne, Florida. The Media went bananas taking President Trump′s remarks out of context when he happened to say, ″last night″. So-called ′Fact Checkers′ around the world went on a rampage trying to figure out what he was talking about? Was there some act of terrorism on Friday night in Sweden? Who really knows as Sweden is practicing extreme censorship these days when it comes to immigration matters.

Sweden refugee crime

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February 20th, 2017

News Media ‘Enemy of the American People’

President Donald J. Trump was 100%, absolutely correct when he tweeted on Twitter last Friday that the ″failing Fake News Media″ were the ″enemy of the American People″. The vast majority of the news media in the United States is blatantly biased and openly hostile towards anyone who does not share their Liberal-Progressive-Socialist agenda. When our Founding Fathers drafted the US Constitution, and later the Bill of Rights, any references to a ″free press″ was predicated on the principle that the ′Press′ would be honest and objective. The belief was that such a truthful institution would be a watchdog for the American People, protecting them from a tyrannical government. Instead, what we have is a dishonest press with a highly subjective and slanted biased promoting a radical agenda that is in itself a form of tyranny!

enemy of the people

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February 18th, 2017

AP Fake News on Trump National Guard Memo

The Associated Press published a ′Fake News′ story yesterday, claiming that President Donald Trump has a plan to use 100,000 National Guard to round up illegal immigrants. The problem is that the whole story is wrong! The memo was just a draft and nowhere in its 11 pages does it ever mention deploying 100,000 National Guardsmen. The memo itself seems to have been originated from within the Department of Homeland Security. The White House, DHS, as well as the Defense Department, all deny that there is any plan to use 100,000 Guardsmen to round up illegal immigrants. However, after the AP tweeted about it on Twitter, and then published a full story, the rest of The Media picked up on it. Even Chuck Schumer and other Democrats repeated this piece of fake news.

Trump national guard

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February 17th, 2017

Donald Trump Press Conference, Renames CNN ‘Very Fake News’

President Donald J. Trump held a press conference yesterday to announce his replacement for Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, now that Andrew Puzder has withdrawn from consideration. Puzder had some issues with once having employed an undocumented house maid. He also had many critics, including some within the GOP and even the Tea Party. Acosta is a professor and Dean of Law at Florida International University, who once served on the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, among other positions in government. During most of the lengthy press conference, President Trump criticized The Media during the news conference over the recent leaks and for spreading Fake News. At one point, he renamed CNN as ″very Fake News″.

Donald Trump Press Conference

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February 16th, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Banned by Morning Joe on MSNBC

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, is being banned by Morning Joe on MSNBC. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough seem to think that Conway is a liar. Now that is funny! These two TV fools are among the biggest liars on cable news! The latest outrage apparently was comments by Kelly Anne Conway back on Monday when she said that Gen. Michael T. Flynn had the full support and confidence of President Donald J. Trump. Before the day had ended, Gen. Flynn resigned his position as National Security Advisor for possibly misleading Vice President Mike Pence last December. Last Thursday, the Washington Post cited that some ′9 sources′ had leaked to them that Flynn had spoken with a Russia envoy and may have discussed lifting sanctions placed earlier that very day by Barack Obama.

Kellyanne Conway

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February 14th, 2017

Gen. Michael Flynn Resigns as National Security Advisor

Michael Flynn resigns as the National Security Advisor to President Donald J. Trump. The retired US Army Lt. General became embroiled in a minor error in protocol after a telephone conversation with a Russian ambassador. Gen. Flynn had previously told Vice President Mike Pence that the subject of reducing sanctions on Russia had not been discussed. However, it turns out that it was a lie. Flynn apologized to both Pence and President Trump and they accepted his apology. But the die was cast and at around 11pm EDT yesterday, Flynn formally submitted his resignation.

Michael Flynn resigns

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