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September 24th, 2016

Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump, or did he?

My ′Spidey-senses′ tingled when I heard the ′news′ that Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump. Did he really? Will Ted Cruz truly vote for Trump? Or is he just saying this because he knows that he has become a total pariah and faces annihilation in the coming ′Age of the Sh*t Lords′? Cruz is definitely plotting his 2018 reelection campaign for his US Senate seat in Texas. He now is slated to appear on the Glenn/Glenda Beck show to explain himself. Glenn/Glenda was so upset upon hearing of Cruz′s decision that he may bandit it up to the hills and hide in the mountains once the ′Sh*t Lords′ take over. Oh, trust me, THEY WILL!!!

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September 23rd, 2016

Brad Pitt Target of FBI Child Abuse Probe?

Actor Brad Pitt may be hearing from the FBI soon. Allegations have been made that Pitt may have committed some form of child abuse against his 15 year-old son, Maddox. TMZ broke the story of how the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services had been contacted about an incident last week Wednesday on an airport tarmac. The Hollywood power-couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, had returned from a trip on their private plane. The allegations are that Pitt may have been verbally and physically abusive. The Los Angeles Police Department says that it is not investigating the incident. Whatever did happen on or after that flight may be the reason that Jolie filed for divorce on Monday, citing that the couple has separated the day after the event. People Magazine confirms that the FBI has been called into the matter since the event began during the flight from France.

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September 22nd, 2016

Hillary Clinton Goes Psycho – ‘Why Aren’t I 50 Points Ahead?’ (Video)

Hillary Rodham Clinton went psycho during a video conference with a labor union, angrily asking the question, ″Why aren′t I 50 points ahead of Donald Trump?″ Why indeed? She has outspent Trump by a factor of 50 or more for TV ads in crucial battleground states like Florida. Hillary is blowing through money as fast as she can raise it and getting nowhere. Of course, the answer lies in that nobody really likes her very much. Even a new NBC News – Wall Street Journal poll that puts her ahead of Trump by about 5 points has some disturbing numbers. More than 40% of those who say they will vote for her are actually just voting against Trump. To be fair, in the same poll, about half of Trump′s supporters are just voting against Hillary Clinton.

Video below…

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September 21st, 2016

Gun Super Owners, The Latest Bugaboo

Calling all Liberals! Calling all Liberals! Be on the lookout for ′Gun Super Owners′! Report them immediately to the Natural Guard or your Social Insecurity may be at risk! Yes, there is a new Liberal bugaboo being floated by the pointed-headed eggheads from Harvard. Researchers, whomever they might be, have determined that there now exists in America ′gun ownership inequality′. Oh no! I′m surprised Barack Obama did not mention this as he criticized America 11 times during his final, 40-some minute long speech to the United Nations. According to the ′study′, half of all firearms owned by private citizens belong to just 3% of the population. While the other 97% typically own only one or two guns, the rest, some 7.7 million Americans, own between 8 to 140 weapons, averaging 17 guns per person. Zounds!!!

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September 20th, 2016

Obama Insane, Insulted, ‘War of Narratives’

Mighty sad that after over 7.5 years, Barack Hussein Obama is still the most idiotic president in American history. One would think that he might actually have developed a brain cell or two by now. But, no, he is still a dope! His reaction to the latest acts of radical Islamic terrorism certainly show this. The Obama administration considers the ′War on Terror′ a ′War of Narratives′. Not a war where people get blown up, set on fire, gunned down or beheaded. So explained Obama′s senior liar, Josh Earnest. Even John Kerry, Mr. Ketchup, expressed this view several weeks ago when he said that the press should not report on all of the terrorism on our world. Add to this Obama′s enormous ego as he told the Congressional Black Caucus that if Blacks do not vote for Hillary Clinton, he will take it as a personal insult. So I have to wonder if Obama is so crazy that he may indeed be the author of ″The Divine Word of Kek″, using the pen name of Saint Obamas Mom Jeans?

Obama Mom Jeans

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September 19th, 2016

Media Dopes Duped Again by Donald Trump

I have been greatly amused by the reaction by The Media after Donald Trump ′tricked′ them last Friday. I say ′tricked′ because he did not actually trick them, he merely spoke the truth. But ′The Truth′ is so foreign to ′The Media′ that they trick themselves constantly. Take for example Katty Kay of the BBC, who appeared on ″Morning Joe″ today. Mika and Schmoe were still all in angst over Trump and the whole birther thing when Katty mistakenly told the truth while attempting to lie. The issue was how Trump is still talking about how Barack Obama may not be a US-born citizen for the past 5 years after Trump forced Obama to release a copy of the ′long-form′ birth certificate. Katty Kay said that Trump still ″raises″ the topic each he is ″questioned″ about it.

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September 19th, 2016

Ahmad Khan Rahami ID′d in NYC Bombing by FBI

The Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI, has issued a wanted poster for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28 year-old, naturalized, U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan. He is wanted for questioning as a possible suspect in connection to the New York City explosion on Saturday night in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. Rahami is a resident of Elizabeth, New Jersey, where a backpack loaded with several bombs was located at a train station overnight. A police bomb robot exploded one device while attempting to disarm it. The FBI also took into custody 5 other men of Afghan descent while driving a car which was loaded with weapons Sunday evening. Indications are that there is a terror cell in operation in the NY-NJ area which is responsible for all of the recent bombing incidents of this past weekend.

UPDATE!!! Ahmad Khan Rahami was taken into custody after a shoot-out with Linden, NJ police. Rahami was wounded, as well as one officer, according to earlier reports now at 11:46am EDT.

Ahmad Khan Rahami

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September 18th, 2016

Terror in America – Bombings in NY, NJ, Knife Attack at MN Mall

Saturday turned out to be a day of terror across America. In Seaside Park, New Jersey, a morning charity run to raise money for the U.S. Marine Corps veterans and families was canceled after a pipe bomb exploded. The device was hidden in a trash can. Fortunately, none of the 5,000 runners, nor bystanders, were injured. Two other unexploded devices were located nearby. In New York City, the evening in Manhattan′s fashionable Chelsea district was rocked by a large explosion, injuring some 29 people. The explosion occurred on West 23rd Street, about halfway between 6th and 7th Avenues. Later, four blocks away on West 27th Street, also between 6th and 7th Avenues, a pressure cooker device was found. In St. Cloud, Minnesota at the Crossroads Shopping Mall, a man shouting ″Allahu Akbar!″ assaulted 8 people with a knife. Witnesses say that he did question at least one person if they were Muslim. Police shot and killed the assailant.

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