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July 13th, 2014

Bob Beckel ‘Chinamen’ Slur Scandal on ‘The Five’

My favorite Liberal, Bob Beckel, caused another scandal on ′The Five′ when he referred to Chinese people as ′Chinamen′. The other hosts on the Fox News Channel′s talk show all grimaced as Bob tried to recover during his ′One More Thing′ rant about how China is the, ′single biggest threat to national security′. Beckel often complains about the Chinese and this time the focus was on how they come to America to study in our colleges, then return to China where they hack into our computer systems. In recent weeks, there was another wave of hacks into many government websites which have been traced back to China. This latest Bob Beckel scandal from Thursday′s show erupted a small firestorm of outrage on the Internet.

bob beckel scandal

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July 11th, 2014

America Unplugged Double Episode of Off the Grid Living

The Sportsman Channel gave us another double-header of America Unplugged last night. Cade Courtley introduced us to two couples whom have chosen the self reliant lifestyle. First up was Josh and Rachel Jackling from southern California, followed then by Tom and Lucinda Baker from central Kentucky. For the Jacklings, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan in 2011 was their wake-up call to prepare for any natural or man-made disasters. For Tom Baker, he chose his path of living free and independent nearly 30 years ago after a successful career as an aerospace engineer. He believes that we are far too dependent on technology, especially with the current threats of cyber attacks, and that over population will eventually crash The System.

america unplugged protective bunkers

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July 10th, 2014

Glenn Beck Bringing Aid to Young Refugees

Our hero, Glenn Beck, is bringing aid to young refugees being held at McAllen, Texas. Glenn is going with several tractor trailers full of food, water, teddy bears and soccer balls. Barack Obama may be too busy to visit with the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring over our borders, but not Beck! With a heart of gold, Glenn plans to lead his convoy of hope on July 19. But will the Obama administration allow their course of lawlessness be upstaged by the Mercury One talk radio host? Offers of assistance by several religious, or, if you prefer, faith-based, organizations have been rejected. But some folks are already angry with Glenn Beck over this decision to provide material and emotional aid, sending him nasty emails, even death threats! Would you support Beck in this humanitarian endeavor?

glenn beck refugee children

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July 9th, 2014

Michael Savage calls for Obama Impeachment (Open Thread)

Dr. Michael Savage, host of the radio program ′The Savage Nation′, asked his listeners yesterday if the border chaos caused by Barack Obama is grounds for impeachment? Those who called in generally agreed that it is, as Obama threatens our borders, language and culture, the recurring theme shared by The Savage Nation. At least one caller did point out that if the Republican Party actually did win the Senate, or if the House were to start impeachment hearings now, such might cause a backlash in the upcoming election cycles. Dr. Savage agreed that ′The Media′ would have a field day bashing the GOP for taking the country down that road again, especially since the outcome would probably be no better than the slap on the wrist Bill Clinton got for lying about Monica Lewinski. So, my question to you is the latest crisis of the border chaos caused by Obama a different kettle of fish this time? Is this an issue that a larger segment of the population will respond favorably to should the GOP develop the cajones to act?

michael savage obama impeachment

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July 7th, 2014

Obama Dumping Hillary for 2016?

Ed Klein, hated by the Far-Left, is claiming that Barack Obama is working to derail Hillary Clinton, again, in her possible 2016 presidential bid. That Obama′s top adviser, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, is courting Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for the White House. According to Klein, Obama wants Warren over Clinton as Hillary may undo some of his transformation of America. Klein claims that Bill Clinton has said that Obama wants a ′Mini-Me′ to take his place. Meanwhile, Hillary is also apparently beginning to move away from Obama and his agenda. Are we about to see another civil war within the Democrat Party as the 2016 election cycle nears?

barack obama hillary clinton

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July 5th, 2014

The Kelly File Special – ‘America’ by Dinesh D’Souza

Last night, Fox News Channel host Megyn Kelly aired a special edition of The Kelly File highlighting the new film, ′America′ by Dinesh D′Souza. Following a 16-minute ′super-trailer′ of the new film, Megyn Kelly interviewed Dinesh D′Souza, then later chaired a ′debate′ between he and former Weather Underground leader Bill Ayers. Instead of focusing primarily on Barack Obama as D′Souza′s earlier film, ′2016′, did, ′America′ exposes the Progressive-Liberal attitudes against American Exceptionalism. A number of outspoken Progressives, such as Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill, and Michael Moore all tell why they are not proud to be Americans. This provides the backdrop for D′Souza to expose how the Progressive movement has corrupted our major institutions, such as our education system, and why the wold would be an awful place if America had never existed, contrary to the Progressive view of history.

the kelly file special dinesh d  souza

Photos and Video

July 4th, 2014

Happy Fourth of July! Joan Rivers Calls Obama ‘Gay’, Michelle a ‘Tranny’!

Sometimes this job is too much fun! Happy Fourth of July, folks! If you are not burnt out watching updates of Hurricane Arthur, here is a story that will tickle your toes. The Mad Diva, Joan Rivers, was caught on camera this week in the streets of New York and was asked by a reporter if America is ready for a gay president? To which Joan replied, ″We already have that with Obama. You know Michelle is a tranny.″ The reporter asked for a clarification and Joan answered, ″A transgender. We all know.″ WOAH!!! So not only is Barack Obama gay but his wife Michelle is, too? Heavens to Murgatroyd! Where is Rush Limbaugh?

joan rivers says obama gay michelle tranny

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July 4th, 2014

America Unplugged Double-Header for Independence Day 2014

The Sportsman Channel gave us a pre-July 4th double header of two new episodes of America Unplugged to celebrate Independence Day, 2014. Host Cade Courtley, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, introduced us to two men seeking to live the freedom of a self reliant lifestyle. First up was Mark Patrick of Alabama who is a marvel at improvisation, making his own solar panels and even a cool hydro-electric turbine from scrap. Then we had Arvo Thompson whom resides in the high altitudes of northern New Mexico. Arvo unplugged himself from ′The System′ some 15 years ago, practicing Perma-Culture, making maximum use out of everything, including bio-waste. So let us get to know these two gentlemen a bit more…

america unplugged living off the grid

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