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October 11th, 2014

It’s Happening! Sierra Leone Defeated by Ebola!

Somebody wake up Ron ′Doom′ Paul! It′s Happening! Health officials in the West African nation of Sierra Leone now admit that the Ebola virus outbreak has defeated them. They are now advising citizens to just stay at home and die. Don′t bother going to a hospital. Give them a call and they might deliver some Tylenol or pick up a corpse. Beyond that, you′re on your own! Add to this cheery item the news earlier this week that the first case of Ebola being contracted outside of West Africa came to light in Spain as a nurse has been confirmed with Ebola. Meanwhile, the first Ebola patient in the USA died and a man was tested in Brazil. Fortunately, the Brazilian did not have Ebola, but it is only a matter of time…

doom paul its happening

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October 10th, 2014

BBC America takes a Star Trek with ‘The Captains Close Up’ and ‘Get A Life’

Red Alert, Star Trek fans! Set phasers on stun! We have a close encounter with none other than William Shatner tonight on BBC America. First, he pays a visit with his fellow Star Trek skippers in a two-hour documentary, ′The Captains Close Up′. Then we have a one-hour documentary about the fans in ′William Shatner′s Get A Life!′ Yep, all of the wonderful Star Trek CosPlayers dressed up like Klingons and Borgs seeking fulfillment. Or are they seeking that ′Great Silver Bird in the Sky′, as the series creator, Gene Roddenberry, put it? Who know and who cares? All that matters is we have three straight hours of William Shatner tonight!

william shatner the captains close up

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October 9th, 2014

Another Obama Scandal – White House Suppresses Investigator on Secret Service Prostitution Story

Yep, another Barack Obama scandal! The Washington Post actually uncovered this cover-up by the White House. An investigator from the Department of Homeland Security, David Nieland, claims that he was pressured by his superiors to ″withhold and alter certain information in the report of the investigation because it was potentially embarrassing to the administration.″ The story centers around the old Secret Service scandal wherein abut two dozen members of the Service and US military hired prostitutes while as part of an advance team for an Obama trip to Columbia back in 2012. As the story broke, the White House resident liar, Jay Carney, answered reporters questions in late April saying that the Obama administration knew nothing about the incident until they read about it in the newspapers. The White House also claimed that none of Obama;s staff were involved. But thanks to Nieland blowing the whistle, we now know that was a lie, too!

secret service prostitution scandal

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October 8th, 2014

Leon Panetta Criticizes Obama on Fox News (Video)

For about 22 minutes last night, Leon Panetta criticizes Barack Obama on Fox News during an interview with Bill O′Reilly. At times, Panetta almost sounded like Dr. Michael Savage, host of the hit radio program, ′The Savage Nation′. This happened when O′Reilly asked Panetta who was the better leader, Bill Clinton or Obama? Panetta replied that while both were smart, Clinton was politically engaged while Obama is not. He then added that America could not stand, ′…another two and a half years of stalemate.″ Wow! Sounds like something Doc Savage would say in his new book, ′How To Stop The Coming Civil War′. Panetta also all but called Obama a liar when O′Reilly raised the 2012 Benghazi attack. Playing back a video of O′Reilly′s interview with Obama where he claimed that Panetta only told him on the phone that ″…there was an attack on our compound.″ Panetta said that he told Obama there was an attack and that terrorists were involved.

leon panetta criticizes obama

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October 7th, 2014

4 Weeks Till Midterms, Gallup Poll – Obama, Dems in Trouble

With just four weeks to go until the 2014 midterm elections, a new Gallup Poll shows that Barack Obama is in worse political shape than either George W. Bush or Bill Clinton were during their final two years. Some 32% of those polled say they are voting to send a message of opposition to Obama and the Democrats, while only 20% will vote to support them. In comparison, during the 2010 midterms, the numbers were similar, with 30% voting to send a message against Obama and 22% in support. In 2006, the numbers for Bush-43 were 31% opposing and 18% supporting, whereas in 2002, the numbers were only 15% opposing and 28% supporting Bush. In 1998, Clinton only had 19% opposing and 24% supporting. Even David Axelrod was dumbfounded when Obama said in a speech last week that the November midterms were about his agenda and policies.

gallup poll obama

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October 6th, 2014

You Better Call Saul Song Music Video

′Saul, Saul, You Better Call Saul. He′ll fight for your rights when your backs to the wall. Stick it to The Man. Justice for All…, You Batter Call Saul.″ That is the refrain of the new ′Better Call Saul′ song, the music video of which was aired last night on AMC-TV during the conclusion of the latest ′Breaking Bad′ binge marathon. Performed by Junior Brown with lyrics by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, the song may be the intro for the new series, ′Better Call Saul′, which premieres in February, 2015. The ′Breaking Bad′ spin-off stars Bob Odenkirk, who reprises his role as Saul Goodman, by way of Jimmy McGill. When Gilligan and Gould cast Odenkirk for playing Saul Goodman in ′Breaking Bad′ Odenkirk says that he argued that there might be a problem as he is not Jewish. To which Gilligan replied, ″That′s okay, Goodman is really an Irishman named Jimmy McGill. He changed his name for the Homies who are impressed to have a Jewish lawyer ″ The new series is a prequel to ′Breaking Bad′, taking place some 5 years before Saul Goodman meets Walter White.

better call saul

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October 5th, 2014

Teacher Threesome Arrested in Louisiana

Two female teachers at Destrehan High School in Jeffereson Parish, Louisiana, were arrested for allegedly having sex with a 16-year old football player. The ′Teacher Threesome′ began allegedly on September 12 after a high school football game. Shelly Dufresne, 32, and Rachel Respess, 24, both English teachers, drove the student to an apartment rented by Respess. According to Kenner Police Chief Michael Glaser, it was there where the two teachers allegedly engaged in a felony sex crime. The football player is a 17-year old junior now and some former students say that the Teacher Threesome had begun earlier. Both teachers graduated from the same high school they currently teach at. Dufresne is reportedly married with 3 children and Respess is single. Both women turned themselves in to police this past Wednesday.

teacher threesome
The two teachers involved in the ′Teacher Threesome′ crime obviously did not take heed on the warning by Ebola-Chan that there is ′No Cure For Love′. Image Credit: 4chan.org

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October 4th, 2014

MSNBC Blames NRA for Ebola

File this under ′Believe It Or Not′! MSNBC hostess Krystal Ball is actually blaming the National Rifle Association, the NRA, for the lack of response on the Ebola Crisis. How did she make this connection in logic? Ms. Ball claims that the reason for the slow response of America on the Ebola Crisis in West Africa is due to the NRA campaigning against Barack Obama appointing Dr. Viveck Murthy as the Surgeon General. One of Dr. Murthy′s positions is that gun ownership should be considered a disease. Democrat senators running in tight elections told Harry Reid they cannot vote to approve Dr. Murthy, so his nomination was tabled. Obama has yet to announce a replacement.

msnbc blames nra for ebola

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