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August 15th, 2014

Doomsday Preppers – Back to the Dark Ages

Another new episode of Doomsday Preppers, ′Back to the Dark Ages′, aired last night on the National Geographic Channel. Once again, NatGeo TV introduced us to three groups of preppers, each with some unique skill sets and views on the state of our world. One family in Texas grows moringa, an interesting crop with many health benefits, including purifying water. Another group plans on using ancient Native American skills and hide out on a small island in Minnesota trapping beaver and living in a wigwam. Our third family is in Vermont is headed by a retired physics professor who uses his brain to come up with a survival dome that can hold up against most weaponry, including a home-made air-cannon. Being in Vermont, he also makes maximum use of maple trees and built an ice house to keep provisions frozen all year round. So let us meet our preppers…

doomsday preppers back to the dark ages
Doomsday Preppers Lisa Roulette and Lloyde Dahl train at building a wigwam and using other Native American skills with their family. Image Credit: National Geographic.

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August 14th, 2014

Tiny House Nation – Will You Emigrate?

There is a new movement sweeping the country and a TV series on the FYI Channel to feature it, Tiny House Nation. Talk about downsizing! The average home in the USA is about 2,100 sq ft. The average tiny home is about 230 sq ft. To qualify as being in the tiny houses category, the house must be 500 sq ft or less. Much like the prepper and off-the-grid movements, the tiny house movement is all about simplicity. Restructuring your life by focusing on what is truly important. Hosted by Zack Giffin and John Weisbarth, each episode covers one build for a new and unique tiny home. So are you ready to emigrate to the Tiny House Nation?

tiny house nation
This small, mobile home was featured on Tiny House Nation. Image Credit: FYI.TV

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August 12th, 2014

Has America already lost itself?

America’s priorities are all upside down right now. Never mind our so called leaders; we the people have no clear absolutes anymore, no engagement with reality. Just look at what turns our head and what we tolerate. Read the rest of this entry »

August 12th, 2014

Robin Williams Dies of Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams, 63, dies from an apparent suicide yesterday. The comedic actor was found dead in his home in northern California. While the method of how he committed suicide is unknown, the initial report by police is that Robin Williams died from asphyxiation. So whether he hung himself or used natural gas or committed suicide in his garage is a mystery. An autopsy will be done and the method will eventually be announced. Despite Robin Williams being among the funniest comics in entertainment history, he has a long struggle with drugs, alcohol and depression. All of Hollywood is in shock and mourning the loss.

robin williams dies
Robin Williams dies from suicide. His career from TV and movies apparently was not enough to make him happy. Image is of Williams playing the King of the Moon from the film, The Adventures of Baron von Munchausen.

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August 12th, 2014

Sons of Guns Will Hayden Arrested on Child Molestation Allegations

Star of the Discovery Channel series ′Sons of Guns′ William Hayden was arrested over the weekend on allegations of child molestation and ′aggravated crimes against nature′, according to The Advocate in Louisiana. Police took Hayden, 49, into custody and he spent Friday night in the Baton Rouge Parish jail. He was released the following day after posting a $150,000 bond. His company, Red Jacket Firearms LLC, issued a statement dismissing the charges as being false. The girl in question was apparently the daughter of a woman whom Hayden had a relationship with. The woman was apparently fired recently by Hayden. According to an interview of the girl in question by police, there was no actual physical contact with Hayden, he was just walking around the house wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. I have to wonder if that image counts as ′aggravated crimes against nature′?

Sons of Guns Will Hayden arrested

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August 11th, 2014

Hillary Clinton on Obama Failure in Foreign Policy

So Hillary Clinton blames Barack Obama for his failure in foreign policy for all of the havoc in the Middle East. This comes during an interview by Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic Monthly. The former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, believes that the United States must support Israel over Hamas and other enemies. She also blames Obama for the crisis in Syria and Iraq, as well as the rise of ISIL and their ISIS army. She is not alone as Senator Lindsay Graham spoke about Iraq, making a dire prediction that America may be a target for terrorism sponsored by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The question we have to ask is Hillary Clinton just trying to distance herself from Obama as the 2016 presidential campaign draws near, or does she real think her old boss was a moron?

hillary clinton obama failure

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August 10th, 2014

More Russian Bombers in U.S. Airspace

As more Russian bombers in U.S. airspace are being reported, 16 times in just the past 10 days, it is beginning to look like the Cold War all over again. The Washington Free Beacon reported on the latest event when several Russian bombers, escorted by a MiG-31 jet fighter, were intercepted by U.S. Air Force jets near Alaska. This time, the Russian bombers did not actually enter U.S. airspace, but were turned back while still well out in the Pacific Ocean. But in the past week some have crossed the line, including once entering Canadian airspace as well. The war of words between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin has resulted in an unusually sharp increase of numerous flight encounters between Russian aircraft and U.S. forces. The Russians are claiming today that they chased an American submarine away from their coast line. So is Obama leading us into a war?

russian bombers U.S. airspace

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August 9th, 2014

Obama Drops 2 Bombs On Iraq, Then Goes On Vacation

When Barack Obama flip-flopped on his Iraq War position Thursday, and authorized airstrikes in Iraq on ISIS army units, the U.S. Navy dropped two 500-pound bombs. Yes, count′em, one-two, 2 bombs on a single ISIS artillery piece. Apparently it was a towed gun of some sort. Unfortunately, the bombs missed and the gun moved, then returned to the same position when it was finally destroyed, either by a drone attack or during a second airstrike yesterday. In addition, the second airstrike launched against ISIS forces in Iraq attacked a single mortar position and as many as 7 trucks. Navy jets also escorted several cargo planes which as of yesterday air-dropped some 36,000 MREs and at least 1,500 gallons of water to the Yazidi refugees trapped on a mountain. Hardly enough to keep the estimated 40,000 people alive. But do not panic, Obama is so confident that his Operation No-Name will succeed that he is leaving for his annual vacation on Martha′s Vineyard today.

obama vacation

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