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An Allegory to Liberty

Do you remember The Liberty Tree and the story that surrounds it? There was an old elm tree that stood in Boston Commons in the days before the American Revolution. It was a beautiful old tree that became a real rallying point – a symbol really – for the growing resistance to the rule of England over the feisty American colonies. Called ‘The Liberty Tree,’ it was often decorated with banners and lanterns by ‘the resisters’ and used in communicating their secret messages to each other. Their meetings were regularly held there to express views against the Crown and to vent frustrated emotions.

When the news of The Liberty Tree spread throughout the colonies, local patriots in each of the 13 colonies formed a ‘Sons of Liberty’ group (or network of sorts) and identified a large tree to be used as a meeting place. In those times, holding an unauthorized assembly was really dangerous business that carried threats of imprisonment or death so the usual places to plot and plan were out of the question. But, the casual appearance of a group chatting beneath a tree seemed much, much safer!

As resistance to the British grew, flags bearing a representation of The Liberty Tree were flown to symbolize the unwavering spirit of liberty itself. These flags were later a common sight during the battles of the American Revolution.

The British made The Liberty Tree an object of great ridicule and scorn. However, the ridicule and scorn were simply ‘just words’ and many from that day forward said it was under The Liberty Tree that America was born, giving its sons and daughters an inheritance of liberty.

Liberty is Under Attack

Today, our country faces a threat from abroad and a threat – in the form of ideological conflict – from within. With the coming of a new administration and the promise of a more bloated and opportunistic government, the need for citizens to resist complacency and to let their voices be heard, has led to a rekindling of the spirit that founded The Sons (and Daughters) of Liberty.

We at Right Pundits have established a network comprised of blogging patriots who understand that it is the duty of each of us to champion the principles of liberty, freedom, an educated engaged citizenry and representative government. Our network is called ‘The Liberty Tree’ and we are asking you to join us!

In becoming a member of The Liberty Tree Network, you will join an informed community of bloggers that, instead of offering nothing but clever yet empty rhetoric, will actively support and promote liberty, civic responsibility, national security, and the American heritage as our Founding Fathers intended.

We will actively work to expose lies and propaganda of incoming administration and the main stream media while being diligent to maintain honor, truthfulness and integrity in our own reporting.

Join The Liberty Tree Network on Twitter Today!

The Liberty Tree Network includes a high-powered Twitter page that will blast your posts all over Twitter. It differs from the usual personal page in that the RSS feeds from all participating blogs are included in it, thus allowing blogs to group their posts together into a common “network feed” using the conservative #tcot tag.

Additionally the latest posts from network members will display on all member sites who place the Liberty Tree code on their blog, so for a short time your recent posts will be highly visible on every blog in the network. You can see what the display looks like in the right sidebar on this page.

Step 1: If you have a Twitter page yourself, start the fun by following The Liberty Tree page:

The Liberty Tree on Twitter.

Step 2: The second step is to copy one of the code snippets below to your blog. Please write if you find a problem with either of the codes displaying properly on your blog.

Step 3: Email us at libertytree[at]rightpundits[dot]com and we will add your feed to the network. Once you are added to the network, your blog posts will be seen on all the member blogs and on Twitter.

Participation in The Liberty Tree requires that you display the code on your blog, preferably your homepage for the benefit of all members. The code is configured to display the latest posts from the network, but you can choose to increase that number. This will always be the latest posts regardless of who made them.

Method #1 uses a Feedburner feed. As far as we know this method will work on every blog, and it will load fast but the results will be a little behind. You can see an example in the right sidebar on Right Juris.

Liberty Tree Feedburner 1
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Method #2 is no longer an option because it did not work very well!

Usual Legalese Disclaimer: Use the code at your own risk. There is no expectation that the code will actually work on your blog, and by using it you agree that Right Pundits will not be held responsible for any adverse consequences, whatever in the world they may be.