Last night, Hilary Rosen, a partner in a political communications firm who has been an editor for The Huffington Post, cable news pundit, and a Democratic consultant, stated that Ann Romney’s attitudes towards women’s problems in this economy don’t have much merit because, ‘”Guess what, his wife has actually never worked a day in her life.”

What is the possible rationale for demeaning women who are stay at home moms? Does Rosen believe that this will make women who work at paying jobs feel more satisfied about the choices that they’ve made? Does Rosen believe that married women with 5 children would be better off if they decided to not raise their children themselves?

When the feminist movement began to gain steam, in the late 1960s, a basic premise was that women should be free to make whatever choices they desired. Now, it turns out that some of these options were more acceptable than others. So if some naïve young woman decided 40 years ago that her family’s welfare would be better served by her raising the kids, her decision should be demeaned now.

Well, Ann Romney can at least take some consolation in the knowledge that her actions were taken out of some misguided sense of family, when she obviously didn’t know that her choice would be demeaned far in the future. Imagine how ridiculous those women who make the same choice today must feel. To think that in the 21st century, a woman would not be ‘productive’ as is Ms. Rosen, shows such a lack of cultural knowledge that I fear for the well-being of the children in her care. Perhaps the children could be taken away from this ignorant woman and placed in a foster home, where a working woman could teach them the proper place for women.

Here’s the video of Rosen’s enlightening comments: