Last week, we all found out that the GSA, supposedly the watchdog for our money with the federal government, spent a million tax dollars partying in Las Vegas. You might think that it would be hard to match that level of outlandish spending. Well, you would be wrong.

John Mica, Chair of the House Infrastructure and Transportation Committee, let us know that an investigation into the GSA’s expenditures revealed that a number of the agency’s officials were flown to Hawaii and had all of their expenses paid so that they could attend a one hour ribbon cutting ceremony. They flew out on Saturday, and were permitted to return to the American mainland on Friday, having fulfilled the hardship duty of spending a week in this faraway island.

In a bit of humor, Mica decided to release a partial transcript of an interview by the Inspector General for the General Services Administration with an agency employee. When told by the employee of the junket, the IG responded, “That was the official reason?” The employee responded, “That was the official reason, yeah…(These trips are) fairly frequent.” The IG asked if managers were working the whole time, to which the employee responded, “I doubt it.”

I’m not suggesting, mind you, that spending a week in Hawaii would be an enjoyable trip. My wife and I have done this twice; other than the endless sands, the wondrous volcanoes, whale watching, girl watching, snorkeling, and luaus, it’s hardly worth the trip. We’re going back this winter. I surely hope that the people there have found some fun stuff for us to do.