One of the George Soros attack websites, Media Matters, has failed in its campaign of the Rush Limbaugh boycott. After the Conservative talk radio host attacked Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh was subjected to a hate-filled exercise by the Far Left to remove him from the airwaves. While rumors of whole networks of stations dropping him, along with nearly 100 advertisers, the reality is that only two radio stations dropped his show. Very few advertisers abandoned Rush as far as national ads go. Now that several weeks have passed since the hub-bub over Sandra Fluke and her need for free contraceptives, Rush Limbaugh is still standing, and has increased the size of his audience. Nearly every radio market shows ratings up between 5% to 60%. Those advertisers who stuck with Rush are doing better than ever, while those who caved in to ′public′ pressure lost customers.

The failure of Media Matters to destroy Rush Limbaugh is the just latest set back for the George Soros website. The Liberal-Progressive agenda, having no real relevance, must orchestrate outrage and issues on their own to draw any attention. Reports from sources like Newsbusters, Newsmax and the Daily Caller show how Media Matters is ′at war′ with the Fox News Channel. Part of their efforts include ideas like hiring private investigators to follow and dig into the personal lives of not only Fox News on-air personalities, but also production staff in order to intimidate them. This raises the question of whether or not Media Matters should be allowed to operate as a non-profit organization with tax-free status?

Like most Liberal enterprises, if Media Matters had to function is the real world, like Rush Limbaugh does, and actually produce a product or service that the marketplace wants and rewards, they would be bankrupt quickly. But, instead, Media Matters slides along on the charity of backers like George Soros, and the political privilege of having tax-free status. Their message and agenda have few supporters and even less impact on society. The attempt to eliminate Rush Limbaugh by boycott, threatening advertisers and radio stations, has failed miserably. Media Matters thought that Rush Limbaugh was vulnerable after his comments about Sandra Fluke and her need for free contraceptives. But, instead, Rush came back stronger than ever. Rush Limbaugh has higher ratings and those stations and advertisers who stuck by him are benefiting.