Does anyone remember the loudmouth MSNBC host, Keith Olbermann? Current TV fired him from their daily schedule on Thursday and the airwaves sighed a collective relief. No more grandstanding from the most acidic political host in television history.

Keith Olbermann Direct TV

Perhaps you thought Keith Olbermann was already fired last year. You would be right but that was from MSNBC. That cable channel tired of his many antics, particularly his alleged inability to get along with managers and coworkers.

Now we have a similar story once again about Keith Olbermann. Current TV brass are apparently saying much the same thing in media reports. Once again he was been feuding with the producers and directors of the fledgling network. New place, same old tune.

Among other things, we understand that Olbermann refused to do election night coverage during the primary season, was frequently sick, and took vacation days that were unexpected and unappreciated by his employer.

Meanwhile his huge contract was not producing the ratings one would expect. The network, and undoubtedly Olbermann himself, expected his former fans from MSNBC to follow him over to Current TV. Some did, but not very many. Olbermann’s high opinion of himself turned out to be unjustified.

So in the end, Direct TV terminated their contract with Keith Olbermann, voiding the four remaining years of a five year contract. Olbermann has promised a lawsuit in return, effectively saying that the termination on poor performance grounds was unjustified.

Curious as to reader thoughts about the Keith Olbermann – Direct TV firing. I would borrow his phrase and call him the Worst Person in the World, but I doubt he merits that level of importance in anyone’s minds anymore. Does anyone really care about Keith?