Michelle Duggar and overpopulation have become a hot topic. The star of TLC network′s ′19 Kids and Counting′ thinks that the idea of overpopulation is a lie. Duggar spoke on the Christian Broadcasting Network that the entire world′s population could fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida. She also agrees with Mother Teresa saying ″that there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers.″ For those of us with allergies, there are too many flowers! But what about overpopulation? We′ve been hearing warnings on the ′population bomb′ since the early 1970s.

duggar and overpopulation

Michelle Duggar thinks overpopulation is hogwash. The world is a big place and most of its people live in a few small regions.

Many will point to countries like China and India, whose massive populations cause a severe strain on resources and their national cultures and agendas. Some will point to local problems facing cities like Mexico City or São Paulo, Brazil with their huge populations of concentrated poverty. Millions of people essentially living in cardboard shacks or old shipping boxes.

We′ve all heard the statistics. The world′s population has been growing steadily since the 1400s after the last round of the Black Death receded. By 1804, the first billion was reached. In 1927, the Earth had 2 billion people. That rose to 3 billion in 1959 and reached 4 billion in 1974. Just thirteen years later, we climbed to 5 billion in 1987. Twelve years after that, we reached 6 billion. Another dozen years after 1999, we reached 7 billion, estimated on October 31, 2011.

A major question is just how many people can our planet support? Numbers range from 4 billion to as high as 16 billion. However, it should be noted that while we are still growing globally, some regions are declining in population. The birth rates in most of Europe, as well as countries like Russia and Japan, are in the negative. This presents a whole other set of problems, with declining work forces, tax bases, and an increasingly aged population which requires more resources to sustain.

Of course, there is a huge political aspect to the issue. Republican candidates tend to oppose federally funded birth control programs, both those domestic here in the United States and globally abroad. Alarmists try to tie overpopulation with other issues, like carbon emissions and global warming. Sources for fresh water and even food production may not be able to keep up with demand at current population levels in the near future, let alone adding more. There are those who believe that the ideal population of Earth should be closer to 250-500 million. That such a population, with our current technology, would essentially end poverty and suffering as we know it. So who will volunteer to lighten the burden on the Earth?

Michelle Duggar and overpopulation do not mix. She opposes any idea of overpopulation. Like Mother Teresa, Duggar thinks that saying there are too many children is like saying there are too many flowers. That is what she said during an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The star of the TLC reality series, ′19 Kids and Counting′ thinks having more children creates more love on the planet. Duggar even believes that the entire world′s population would fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida. But would Florida stay afloat or would it sink from all the weight?