Last night, Sons of Guns aired with a special guest appearance by Jesse James, who wants a Browning Automatic Rifle. Who is Jesse James, you might ask? Well, he has had his own show on the Discovery Channel involving his firm, West Coast Choppers where he customizes motorcycles and cars, sort of like the Teutul firms that do similar work on American Choppers, another Discovery Channel show.

jesse james browning automatic rifle

He became famous with a much broader audience when in 2005 he wed Sandra Bullock, who has starred in a number of films, including Speed. Unfortunately, his fame became notoriety when a number of women revealed that he had consorted with them throughout his marriage to Bullock. For some reason, despite his abject apology, she divorced James.

Anyway, enough celebrity stuff, on to the show. The program begins with Jesse ‘surprising’ Will by showing up at the shop unannounced. Immediately, Jesse James causes consternation within Kris Ford, Stephanie Hayden’s boy toy husband, by announcing to the crew that he wanted Vince, who left the shop last season, to work on his BAR machine gun. Stephanie, who seems to like bad boys, decided that although she has been married to Kris ‘ the Rajun Cajun’ Ford for at least 2 or 3 months, she would flirt with Jesse including wrapping her sweet legs around him while lolling on his chopper.

In the meantime, Vince shows up at the shop. Naturally, Kris takes his ire out on Vince, since he may not be permitted to question his wife without losing his job. Just one of the problems with being a boy toy, I guess. Then, Kris finds out that Steph was posing for photos that Jesse had decided to post on his website. This was the final straw for Kris who confronted his wife by saying that she has apparently decided to dump him for the much more famous James. She assured him that her legs had a mind of their own, but her heart still belongs to Krissie. My favorite part of this scene was when Kris referred to the business as part of his family operation.

The show concluded with Jesse James leaving Red Stick after the Browning Automatic Rifle build was completed. Kris held on to Stephanie to ensure that she stayed behind, instead of leaving with her new dreamboat. Meanwhile, Will and Vince are considering a rapprochement. All in all, a truly satisfying program.

I also should add that I probably owe some type of apology to Kris Ford. I had assumed in an earlier piece that Kris was from birth lacking the intelligence that God gave a jelly bean. But in last week’s recap episode, Kris revealed that when he was zapped with a Taser in an episode, he believes some brain cells were damaged. I hadn’t noticed that Kris was Einsteinian prior to that event, but that could be a memory problem on my part. We’ll see if Jesse James and Stephanie Hayden become an item.