Okay, call me mean. Call me crazy. Call me a hater! But does anybody seriously think that Mitt Romney has any appeal with ordinary people? Take for example Mitt Romney′s latest gaffe, Number 317. Mitt was in Wisconsin chatting up voters why they should select him as the GOP presidential nominee. He decides to tell them a ″humorous″ tale about how his father, George Romney, as head of American Motors, closed an auto factory in Michigan and moved it to Wisconsin. The ′funny′ part of his story is that when Daddy was running for governor in Michigan, a school band at a parade began to play ′On Wisconsin′ instead of the University of Michigan fight song. Hah-hah-hah! Very funny, Mitt! Nothing like a knee-slapper about closing a factory to earn some love from working people!

mitt romney jokes

Add this to the other big Romney story this week, about how his new 12,000 square foot mansion in California will include a car elevator for its multi-level garage. We all know how much Mitt Romney loves automobiles! Even his wife does, too, driving a couple of Cadillacs. Bad enough Mitt Romney likes firing people and isn′t concerned about the poor! Even dogs are mad because Mitt won′t let them ride inside.

In certain hallways of nameless buildings inside the Washington Beltway, people must be going crazy. Forget about eye-rolling or scratching their heads. The inner circles of power within the GOP Establishment are facing a situation that goes beyond 1996 when an unpopular sitting Democrat president faced a dull, unpopular Republican challenger. Here we have probably the worst president in the history of the nation and the worst possible person to run against him. Barack Obama cannot run on his record because it stinks so badly. But compared to Mitt Romney, what a choice! Is this any way to run a republic? No wonder we′re $15.5 Trillion dollars in debt!

The most dysfunctional president in our history, Barack Obama, will be facing the most disconnected candidate in election history, Mitt Romney. Where is this team of experts and geniuses that make up the allegedly ′well-organized′ Romney campaign? When will one of his advisers, or his wife, just tell him to shut up! Pick five approved talking points and just with them. This is getting sadder by the day. A fresh batch of polls all show Obama leading Romney in key swing states and nationwide. Mitt′s unfavorables are now at 50% and climbing. Oh, the humanity! Spare us all from this developing tragedy. I′m starting to hope that the Mayans are right!