Yesterday, a writer (Andy) on this site who has had a crush on the candidacy of Newt Gingrich, officially declared that there was no life left for his favorite aspirant. Today, word quickly spread throughout the internet of the devastating end of this bromance. In response, probably, Sheldon Adelson, principal backer of Gingrich’s Super-PAC, announced that he would not be providing any further financial support.

Adelson and his family have provided over $15 million to Newt’s campaign this year. Other than the publicity that he has received, it’s difficult to see what he has gotten for his money. Newt won his home state, Georgia, and the bordering state of South Carolina. That’s it. Other than those two primaries, he just gallivants across the nation, under the watchful eye of Callista, managing to get just enough votes to ensure that Romney defeats Santorum in state after state.

But Adelson has decided that Newt will have to depend on the $50 supporters pay to have their photo taken with him, sort of like a carny sideshow. According to the Jewish Journal, “Sheldon Adelson, who with wife Miri, has given more than $15 million to the Newt Gingrich Super PAC Winning Our Future, said Monday he believes Gingrich is “at the end of his line” regarding the race for the Republican presidential nomination.
“Adelson was speaking informally to a small group at his Las Vegas hotel and casino, The Venetian, which hosted The Jewish Professionals.Federations of North America’s second annual TribeFest, a three-day leadership and networking retreat that attracted more than 1,400 Jewish professionals.”

What is left for poor Newt? Is it worth it for him to force his wife to trudge around to meet the hoi polloi, while his entire campaign amounts to ‘I’m a better debater than you are, nyah, nyah.’ Especially since Mitt and Rick have decided that the time for debates is over.

Here’s the video of Adelson addressing the group: