As many of you whom are my regular readers know, I have a new favorite TV show to watch, ′Doomsday Preppers′ on NatGeo-TV. This series is part of National Geographic network′s theme of ′American Outliers′, which focuses on motorcycle gangs, medical marijuana growers, and Doomsday Preppers. Last night, NatGeo aired a brand new episode after running a marathon of past shows. Included was one of my favorites which featured a segment on Becky, the blonde Mormon lady who is single in Salt Lake City because she thinks that the government is out of control and may institute martial law anytime now. Becky may not have a boyfriend, but she does have a 5-year supply of dehydrated food in her house, which, incidentally, overlooks the Utah State Capitol Building, presumably so she can keep an eye on the government.

Her small circle of friends are not doing much to prep themselves, though one fellow, ′Bob′, who is a ′contract sniper′, is teaching Becky how to shoot. I feel sorry for Becky and her lousy social life. Plus that she has 5-years worth of lousy tasting dehydrated food stored, which will do her no good since, as Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones warns us, when the government declares martial law, we′ll all be hauled away to FEMA camps for re-education by ACORN and the Council on Foreign Relations.

During last night′s new episode, we are introduced to three preppers who also have problems. First was Professor Bruce Beach, a former scientist who lives somewhere in Ontario, Canada. He′s been worried about global nuclear war since 1985 and has been prepping for the extinction of humanity. On a remote piece of farm land, Prof. Beach has buried a structure made from 46 old school buses, creating a 10,000 square foot survival bunker equipped to keep 500 people alive for at least 6 months. The segment showed him teaching his grandchildren all they need to know to take over Ark II, the name for his bunker. Beach is viewed by many in his community as an odd-ball. Sure, he could have played golf or had some other hobby these past 27 years. But Prof. Beach wants to leave a legacy of hope for the future, even if that future is radioactive.

Next we met Jeremy, who owns a small media company in Salt Lake City. Unlike Becky, Jeremy is less concerned about the government and more worried about Peak Oil. He thinks that civilization is doomed as we are running out of crude oil. I guess he hasn′t heard what has been going on in North Dakota? His wife was not happy about his prepping at first, but after a year or so, she has come around. She even likes driving their ′bug-out′ vehicle, an old multi-fueled Army truck. With an infant son, Jeremy is planning ahead, but not for college. Along with food and water, he is stockpiling antibiotics purchased from pet stores, as some are safe for people to use.

Finally, we meet Dr. Bradford Frank, a practicing psychiatrist in San Diego, California. He′s worried about a bird flu pandemic wiping out 80% of Mankind. His wife and daughter think he needs to see a shrink! They are none too happy with him spending $15,000 on prepping supplies, including a tank of nitrogen to fill buckets of rice. Nor do they like the ′bug-out′ shelter he has set up for his family, an old cave once used as a gem mine. Seems his wife has been in caves before. She hails from Cambodia and escaped the Khmer Rouge communists by hiding in caves and eating bugs. She could probably teach him a thing or two about real survival, if he didn′t have his head up his own…

Well, you get the idea. I just love ′Doomsday Preppers′ on NatGeo-TV. It′s the best show on television, bar none! The National Geographic network series is way better than the cheesy knock-off of ′Doomsday Bunkers′ on the Discovery Channel. They may be kooks, they may be wasting their time, but bless their hearts, they are trying to do their best. So break out the dehydrated food and grab some aquarium antibiotics! Its time get ready for Doomsday Preppers!