The hysteria over the Trayvon Martin case is reaching a fever pitch now that the New Black Panther Party has a bounty for George Zimmerman. The Black Panther bounty is $10,000 for George Zimmerman′s capture. Which naturally leads us to ask, capture for what? Zimmerman is not under arrest, there is no warrant for his arrest. Not yet anyway. He is in hiding since the Trayvon Martin shooting became a national news story, with even Barack Obama speaking out about it. Al Sharpton has been leading daily rallies in Sanford, Florida, all televised on his MSNBC show, stirring up crowds in the thousands who want Zimmerman arrested. If cooler heads do not intercede soon, there is great potential for some serious trouble this summer. Meanwhile, a Trayvon Martin police report was leaked casting some doubts on who was the actual aggressor, throwing the first punch, which led to the young man′s death. With little to go on other than two eyewitnesses, who support George Zimmerman ′s side of the story and his 911 calls which were recorded, the truth may never really be known.

Here is the latest news about the case.

First, it turns out that George Zimmerman does have some issues of his own from the past, including an arrest by police in 2005, when he got mouthy with police while they were arresting a friend of Zimmerman′s. He also apparently had problems with an ex-fiance resulting in a court order which included anger management classes.

Last night on MSNBC′s program ″The Last Word″ with host Lawrence O′Donnell, Larry went after former CNN reporter, Joe Oliver, who has gone public as a friend of Zimmerman to defend him. Larry tag-teamed Oliver with the help of New York Times reporter Charles Blow and Washington Post writer Jonathan Capehart. If the sharp questions from these three were not bad enough, giving Oliver no time to truly answer them, the crew at MSNBC had lighting issues, making Oliver look like Mephistopheles. Blow, Capehart and O′Donnell savaged Oliver, trying to make him look like some cheap opportunist hoping to cash in on the story. Much like Al Sharpton already appears to be doing.

The New Black Panther Party bounty of $10,000 on George Zimmerman is just the latest fly in the buttermilk of justice. Bad enough Barack Obama is taking sides in the Trayvon Martin shooting case. Now other Democrats, like Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is calling the Trayvon Martin case an ″assassination.″ The Florida State Prosecutor appointed to take over the investigation, Angela B. Corey, appears to be trying to do a competent job of cleaning up the mess the Sanford Florida police made. She is even bringing in experts to analyze the recordings of George Zimmerman 911 calls to determine what he said and another call where one can hear somebody calling for help. Another story circulating about now, along with Trayvon Martin police report is that the Sanford police investigator on duty that night wanted to arrest Zimmerman on manslaughter charges, but the local prosecutor apparently rejected that idea. As I said from the beginning, manslaughter may be the only ′crime′ Zimmerman may have committed and it is up to a jury to determine his guilt or innocence. Not Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O′Donnell, MSNBC or the New Black Panther Party.