I suppose it is only fitting that I, the #1 supporter of Newt Gingrich on this blog, write the epitaph for his presidential campaign. Yes, the fat lady has sung her song. No, Newt′s not getting out just yet. He still intends to soldier on until the National Republican Convention in Tampa this August. But the Gingrich campaign has turned from a presidential race to the 2012 Great American Zoo Tour. Yesterday it was reported that the ′print media′ has pulled all of their reporters from both the Gingrich and Ron Paul campaigns. Today we learn that the lack of money has forced Newt Gingrich to charge $50 for those who want a photo taken with him.

newt gingrich  50 photo
Why is Newt Gingrich smiling? Because he′s going to the zoo! Image Credit: Judy Eddy / Wenn.com.

So we bid the former House Speaker a fond farewell and adieu. I should note that Newt has served his purpose, especially in the past few weeks, forcing Barack Obama to go on the defensive over his awful energy policy. Or as Newt would put it, the Obama Anti-Energy Agenda. Today we had a fresh taste of that, with Obama and the EPA declaring new carbon emission standards and penalties (taxes) for electrical power plants. As we all recall Obama saying, costs would ′necessarily increase.′

The $2.50 a gallon gasoline schtick was a good one for Gingrich. Too bad it came a bit late in the game. At least the GOP Establishment can now breath easier since Newt has declared that he will support whom ever the inevitable nominee is, even if it is Mitt Romney, in November against Barack Obama. Romney is now focused on clobbering Rick Santorum, outspending him in the upcoming Wisconsin primary next week by a margin of 55-to-1! I bet Newt is happy he is no longer being hammered away at like that!

So Newt Gingrich is now on cruise control as he begins the 2012 Great American Zoo Tour. If you want a picture of yourself with Newt Gingrich, the price is $50 a photo. The presidential campaign is all but over now, though Newt still will give speeches and such until the bitter end. Should Mitt Romney fail to reach the goal of 1144 delegates before the Republican National Convention in Tampa, then we may see Gingrich attempt to argue the case that he is the best equipped to challenge and debate Barack Obama. But for now, you are more likely to see Newt hanging out at one of our nation′s fine zoos, cavorting with the creatures of God′s rather than dealing with political ambitions.

Photos: www.wenn.com