No, it won′t be the same as hearing actress Jessica Pare sing ′Zou Bisou Bisou′, but the Supreme Court will listen to arguments today concerning health care law mandate. The landmark case on whether or not ′ObamaCare′ is Constitutional begins its second of three days. During yesterday′s session, the nation′s highest court listened to arguments about whether the imposed ′penalties′ for those who do not have health insurance are a tax or not? For the time being, the Supreme Court justices seem to believe that the penalties are not a tax. But today could bring a change in that as the issue of the individual mandate is front and center. Does the mandate fall within the scope of the Congress under the Commerce Clause? Or has Obama and the Democrats crossed the line and have violated the Constitution?

supreme court

At stake is the presidency of Barack Obama. His administration has little to show for the past three-plus years. Unemployment is still high. Housing prices are still depressed. Gasoline prices are increasing. Iran is getting closer to having a nuclear weapon. The world looks upon us as a weak nation with weak leadership. Even the White House has been running away and hiding from the Affordable Care Act of 2010 as it grows from the 2,000-plus pages passed by Congress to more than 15,000 pages as federal regulators add more red tape and bureaucracy.

The question the Supreme Court justices will address today is whether or not the Congress and federal government, under the Commerce Clause, can forced US citizens into a contract for a good or service? The Individual Mandate of the Health Care Law has its supporters, including, at one point, Mitt Romney. The Supreme Court case will be wrapped up tomorrow and we can expect a ruling by late June. Many experts predict a 6-3 or even 7-2 ruling that ObamaCare is in fact unconstitutional due to the mandate. If so, then it could spell the end of the Barack Obama administration. Perhaps Michelle Obama will cheer her husband up by pretending to be Jessica Pare and sing ′Zou Bisou Bisou′ for him?