What could be worse than picking Commie Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan in any movie production that is striving to be taken seriously?

Well, Variety (via JWF) reports that this is the case in the upcoming project based on the life of a man that worked as a Butler at the White House for 34 years.

The movie is based on the journalism of Wil Haygood who wrote of the life of Eugene Allen for the Washington Post. Allen worked in the White House from 1952 to 1986, starting his career when Harry Truman was president and ending his it during President Reagan’s last term in office.

Other possible roles will be Forrest Whitaker in the title role, Liam Neeson as Lyndon B. Johnson, and John Cusack as President Richard Nixon.

This makes this movie something I’ll never see. I refuse to ever watch any movie that has the traitorous piece of garbage that regrettably oozed from the loins of Henry Fonda. The woman should never have been allowed to return from Saigon in 1972. She went to our enemies, helped them disseminate their anti-American propaganda, and assisted these communist enemies to kill and capture American soldiers in a time of war.

She is as disgusting a person as can be imagined, yet Hollywood wants to put her in the role of the wives of one of America’s most beloved, most all-American presidents?

Only Hollywood could perpetrate such a calumny against patriotism.

… and how does John Cusack sound like a good fit for Richard Nixon, anyway?