Debbie Wasseman Schultz, the Democrat Representative from Florida and Democrat National Chairman, is not known for being a rocket scientist, of course. But I was recently reminded about what Chris Wallace did to her back in January and it is a perfect example of just how blatantly dumb this woman and the line of Democrat pap she is selling really is.

The subject was Mitt Romney’s reign as CEO of Bain Capital and the elimination of jobs that the company was tangentially responsible for as it coursed through the capitalist scene buying up companies to rehab in those days. Fox News Sunday’s Chris Wallace really nailed this childish woman as she tried to paint Romney as a jobs killer.

Speaking of “paint” she painted herself into a corner. Watch the clip:

Wallace made Wasserman Schultz look the fool here and quite easily, too.

For those of you that either cannot or won’t watch the video, here is what happened…

Schultz claimed that Romney, as CEO of Bain Capital, was responsible for the loss of jobs experienced by the companies that Bain bought up. So, Wallace asked the key question: is President Obama a jobs killer? He then pointed out that Obama was a “venture capitalist” that “put taxpayer money into Solyndra and a thousand people lost their jobs” as a result.

Wasserman Schultz replied that the President wasn’t the CEO of Solyndra. Wallace countered saying that Romney wasn’t CEO of the companies Bain bought that fired people, either. Schultz said, that Roney was the CEO of Bain. Then Wallace said that Obama is “the CEO of the country,” so why isn’t it the same thing?

Wasswerman Schultz sputtered and stammered but had no logical answer. She was painted into a corner by her own failed logic. Hoist by her own petard, if you will.

This is exactly the sort of empty “thinking” we get from the left these days, sadly.