Barack Obama is in Seoul, South Korea today attending the Nuclear Security Summit. An open microphone caught Obama telling outgoing Russia President Dmitry Medvedev to carry a message back to his friend and successor, Vladimir Putin. A message that Obama says he will be more ″flexible″ on missile defense ″After the reelection.″ Oh really now! So Barack Obama on the open mic intends to sell out the United States and our allies, like Poland and Israel, once he gets four more years in the White House. When was Obama planning on letting the American people know about his long term plans? Never?

obama open mic

Perhaps this is just like when Nancy Pelosi, who turned 72 today, said that we won′t know what is in the health care bill until after Congress passes it? We won′t really know what Obama intends to do to America until he gets re-elected and no longer has a care in the world. He can sell out NATO, Eastern Europe, Israel, and anybody else who benefits from a strong United States.

The whole world has been laughing at America ever since Obama was elected. Sure, the masses, the mob seem pleased with our choice to replace the evil cowboy, George W. Bush. But just as the intrepid billboard of ′Dubyah′ saying ″Miss Me Yet?″, the world, too, may come to learn the hard lesson that be careful what you wish for. That replacing Bush with a Marxist moron like Barack Obama has serious, deadly serious, consequences.

Should Obama be re-elected, we may very well see Iranian nuclear-tipped missiles rain down on Israel, wiping it off the map. Russia rolling thousands of tanks and whole armies westward through the Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, reclaiming lost territory. Pakistan and China dividing up Afghanistan after we withdraw. North Korea invading South Korea and launching attacks against Japan, Alaska and America′s west coast.

Yes, ′Red Dawn′ may well be the result if Barack Obama wins re-election. His open mic admission to Dmitry Medvedev to relay a message to Russia czar Vladimir Putin that Obama will be more ″flexible″ on issues like missile defense ″After the reelection″, are chilling. Obama, in Seoul, South Korea attending the Nuclear Security Summit, seems ready to complete his dismantling of the military and de-industrialization of the United States if he gets four more years in the White House.