As if he did not stir up enough trouble last week with his Etch-A-Sketch remarks, Rick Santorum has done it again this weekend in Wisconsin, calling Mitt Romney ′the worst Republican′ to face Barack Obama in November. Santorum′s reasoning for saying this is because Romney supported some of the Obama agenda, including bailouts and the Obama-Care, Affordable Health Insurance Act. Mitt is inclined to welcome global warming along with Cap-and-Trade, allowing his pals in Wall Street hedge funds to wheel and deal in carbon credits. As the White House is now spinning, Romney is also viewed as ′the Godfather of Obama-Care′, after establishing Romney-Care in his last real home state of Massachusetts.

romney worst republican

We do not know if Rick Santorum was also challenging Romney′s bowling skills? Rick showed off his talent, scoring a ′turkey′ of three straight strikes at a bowling alley in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Which is much better than Barack Obama′s feeble attempt at bowling. I don′t recall ever seeing Mitt bowl. If there is some You-Tube video of such, then we need it to go viral.

So does Santorum have a point that Romney is the weakest, the worst Republican candidate to face Barack Obama in November? The easy answer is yes. How can Romney truly argue against agenda and policy items like health care, global warming, corporate bailouts and such when he agreed with Obama? Romney′s big government approach in Massachusetts s not unlike Obama′s expansion of the federal government. There really does not seem to be very much different between the two. Other than Romney only has sons and Obama only has daughters. Rick Santorum, on the other hand, has both sons and daughters! A clear distinction by any measure. Add to that his phenomenal bowling skills and you would have to agree that Santorum is the best Republican to face Barack Obama.