In case you were wondering, the Louisiana primary of 2012 results are in and Rick Santorum won the state by a very wide margin. While many were concerned over Santorum′s remarks about Mitt Romney, after Romney aide, Eric Ferhnstrom made the now famous ′Etch-A-Sketch′ gaffe, the voters did not mind. Pundits in Washington and New York, both those inside and out of the Republican Party, were all chanting doom for Santorum after they misinterpreted his remarks as meaning keeping Barack Obama in White House is preferable to electing Mitt Romney. This, of course, is not what the former Pennsylvania senator said. But the hysteria brought all of the usual suspects together to launch their attacks. The Louisiana primary, however, put an end to this, hopefully, as Santorum blew away Romney 49% to 26.7%. Newt Gingrich finished third with 15.9%, followed by Rep. Ron Paul with just 6.1%.

louisiana primary 2012 results

The victory sets the stage for next week′s battle in cheese-country, Wisconsin. The April 3 primary also includes Maryland and the District of Columbia, though Santorum is not on the ballot in DC. Santorum has again issued a challenge to debate Romney one-on-one, since he now considers himself to be the only real alternative to the former Massachusetts governor. The Romney campaign has declined, as they consider the race over and they have already won the GOP nomination.

The Louisiana exit polls showed that religion once again played a major role in Saturday′s voting. While the Number One issue remains the economy, White, evangelical voters put Santorum well over the top. They represented some 57% of the voters and 56% went to Santorum. Oddly enough, for those who were most concerned about the economy, Santorum actually beat Romney 46% to 30%. The exit polls also showed that Santorum supporters are the most confident in their candidate. 98% of them believe that he can defeat Barack Obama in November. This compared to 73% of Gingrich voters being confident that Newt can beat Obama while only 58% of Romney voters think he can take on the current occupant of the White House.

Perhaps the Gallup tracking poll, however, tells us the most about the campaign thus far. Mitt Romney is now favored by 40% of Republican voters, compared to about 27% a year ago. Santorum is up to 26% compared to being barely on the radar 12 months ago in the low single digits. So some 60% of Republican voters are still not wild about Mitt Romney. Maybe its because he refuses to set his fine head of hair on fire for the cause?

Rick Santorum won the Louisiana 2012 primary with stunning results, 49% to Mitt Romney′s 26.7%. The battle for the Republican Party nomination now moves to Wisconsin, Maryland and the District of Columbia for April 3. Wisconsin is seen as another showdown state between Santorum and Romney. Newt Gingrich is hoping for a better showing there since his wife is from the land of cheese, but I doubt that will mean much. Ron Paul is still in the race, too, to boot Barack Obama from the White House. No reports yet if anyone has seen Eric Ferhnstrom with an Etch-A-Sketch lately. Perhaps he′s writing his resume on one?