A report in New York Magazine claims that John Edwards has been linked to the famed Manhattan madam, Anna Gristina. It seems that Edwards was in NYC in 2007 raising money for his presidential campaign the following year. One of the ‘working girls’ in her employ allegedly told investigators in 2008 that she remembers servicing the Democrats 2004 Vice-Presidential candidate during a respite in his fundraising activities.

At the time, investigators found the charges difficult to believe since Edwards had carefully cultivated his image as the devoted husband of his cancer-stricken wife, Elizabeth. However, when news of his longtime relationship with campaign aide Rielle Hunter were revealed, they decided to look more closely into this apparent one-time liaison with the prostitute. He was never charged for using the woman’s services, which hardly clears him. Coincidentally, the Lowes Hotels Regency, where Edwards is alleged to have met the woman is the same locale where he met Ms. Hunter for the first time.

As we know, Edwards is facing federal trial soon in North Carolina on charges that he used campaign funds to cover up his part in the pregnancy of Ms. Hunter, which seems to be a violation of federal campaign law. As far as the newest accusation, Edwards’ attorney released a statement: “Mr. Edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or service.”

And we all know that Edwards would never lie about something like this, right? If memory serves, he denied having the affair with Ms. Hunter for a long time. Then later, he acknowledged his relationship with her, but denied fathering her child. Later, he completed the shame spiral by admitting that he was the baby daddy. It should be noted that he is not alleged to have impregnated the prostitute.