For the past two days, a 4-state stump speech swing on solar energy as Barack Obama talks an All-of-the-Above policy. Yesterday, President Obama doubled down in Nevada, appearing before a backdrop of solar panels. He claims that solar power is just part of his energy policy. Today, he arrived at Cushing, Oklahoma where TransCanada is busy building part of the Keystone XL pipeline to the Gulf of Mexico that the White House was unable to block. With gas and oil prices rising and becoming a campaign issue, Obama is pretending that the ′Cushing Pipeline′ has ′HIS′ highest priority. A new Gallup poll shows that 78% of Americans following this saga want the entire XL pipeline built, including some 44% of Democrats.

solar energy obama

Once again we face the problem with having a habitual fibber in the White House. Absolutely nothing Obama has said about energy issues the past couple of weeks, or the last 3-4 years, is true. Once again just in the past two days, Obama keeps trotting out the ′factoid′ about how America only has 2% of the world′s known oil reserves, amounting to some 21 billion barrels. This is the exact same number the federal government has been reporting since 1944, after we have pumped some 170 billion barrels out of the ground domestically.

The United States is a washed in oil, coal and natural gas reserves. Some estimates range from a low-ball figure of 200 billion barrels of recoverable oil to as high as 1.4 TRILLION barrels. Enough to fuel the country for the next two centuries. Obama and the Democrats routinely rail against oil subsidies, amounting to about $4 billion per year, which generally go to small companies engaged in exploration and technology development. None of the major oil corporations get a penny of that money. In fact, nearly 25% of all federal revenue comes from oil and mining leases on federal lands. The Obama administration only approved one, single new lease last year for oil drilling on federal ′land′. Oil production from such federal lands has decreased 11% since Obama took office. Fortunately, for us, production has increased on private land, or we would be paying $10 a gallon for gasoline already.

Meanwhile, the Obama White House continues to pump billions of dollars into wind and solar projects that produce very little energy and even fewer jobs. Appearing at Boulder City, Nevada yesterday, Obama again called Republicans who want to drill for more oil members of the ′Flat Earth Society′. He did this while at the Copper Mountain solar energy facility, owned by Sempra Generation and built with some $40 million in federal aid. The plant barely produces enough electricity to power some 17,000 homes and only has 5, full-time employees. A coal or natural gas powered electric plant of similar cost would produce about twenty times more electricity and require hundreds of employees to operate.

The Obama All-of-the-Above energy policy is beyond just being a joke. It demonstrates the utter incompetency of President Obama. He can stand in front of solar panels all he wants, but solar energy will not save Obama in November. The White House can claim it is approving part of the Keystone XL pipeline, but actually the small stretch from Oklahoma to the Gulf of Mexico requires no federal approval. Gas prices rose for the 39th day of 40 to a new record high for March 22 of $3.88 as a national average. I′m sure Obama did not mention how gasoline prices have more than doubled since taking office when he spoke this afternoon at Ohio State University.