Will the Jeb Bush endorsement of Mitt Romney yesterday help Etch-A-Sketch sales? This is the question of the day, why is Etch-A-Sketch like Romney? The former Florida governor is considered by many to be the most coveted endorsement of the Republican Party. Not to mention the white horse many in the GOP hoped would ride to the rescue should Tampa be an open convention. His mom, Barbara Bush, has already endorsed Mitt Romney as did daddy George H. W. Bush. Romney is considered better to face off against Barack Obama for he allegedly has experience in Entrepreneurial Capitalism. Hard to say, especially after Romney′s campaign communications chief, Eric Fehrnstrom, buried Jeb′s endorsement with his Etch-A-Sketch gaffe.

Jeb Bush endorsement

In Jeb′s statement, he basically says that after 34 states, its time for Republicans to accept Mitt Romney as their nominee and rally behind him. I guess that means that the remaining 16 states and District of Columbia can go to blazes. Those people′s votes are neither wanted nor considered important. Was not that the whole reason for the GOP adopting the proportional delegate awarding system? So that the whole country gets a say in whom the nominee should be?

For weeks, really months, all we have heard from the GOP Establishment is that Mitt Romney is the inevitable nominee. Even before the actual voting began, the drums were beating. A mythology evolved on how Romney would attract independents, moderates, and women voters away from Barack Obama. Forget that Romney has no real convictions or principles. No actual political philosophical base. He′s got a nice head of hair and plenty of friends on Wall Street to fund him. Those are more important to the Establishment than ideology.

The Jeb Bush endorsement of Etch-A-Sketch Mitt Romney was supposed to take place originally the Sunday after the South Carolina primary, to give Mr. Etch-A-Sketch, as Eric Fehrnstrom would describe his boss, a leg up in Florida. But after Newt Gingrich hammered Romney over his phony record as an Entrepreneurial Capitalism expert in the Palmetto State, Jeb backed away. Other bigwigs in the Republican Party, including Jeb′s parents, Barbara and George H. W. Bush, publicly supported Romney over Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul. So to those in the 16 states who have yet to vote, don′t waste your time. Jeb Bush says your vote does not matter anymore. He′s probably right. On CNN this morning, one scenario based on past regional performance shows Mitt Etch-A-Sketch Romney finishing the race with 1154 delegates, not including the GOP′s super delegates. The race is officially over now, as far as the Establishment is concerned. Barack Obama will face Romney in November.