Mitt Romney appeared in Illinois just before the Primary on Tuesday and was asked about education in America. He had some interesting comments, not the sort that might endear him to too many teachers… not that he was necessarily wrong in his comments.

One thing he noted is that our teachers aren’t necessarily our best and brightest. This might tend to make a few teachers flip out.

Romney noted that in Finland and South Korea, teachers are some of the best in their society. “They typically recruit teachers from the top ten percent of their college graduates. We too often are hiring from the bottom,” he said.


“Our education system is failing our kids,” Gov. Romney, said.

“When you look at how our schools are doing compared to schools around the world, we don’t stack up so well. How can it be that the nation that invented public education can’t compete with Singapore, South Korea, and Finland? It makes no sense at all,” he continued.

Much of what Mitt said was good stuff, especially about the canard of class size. As my friend John Ruberry noted, this whole class size discussion is really just the union’s attempt to get states to hire more teachers so that they, the unions, can have more dues-paying members. It has nothing to do with successful education. (Ruberry took this video, by the way.)

Education is one of the worst failures we have in American society. Our schools are almost universally garbage, top to bottom, inculcating left-wing parables instead of teaching useful information. We are disgorging millions of children a year unprepared to go into the workforce or into colleges and universities.

Businesses have begun a systematic attempt to re-educate kids — or maybe just educate in the fist place is a better way to put it — by creating mini schools to teach new applicants the skills they’ll need to become employees

… and our colleges and universities? Well, they are so busy teaching surfing, black studies, and gay pride as well as sending kids to abortion rallies and sex clinics for their daily contraception that actually educating them is not a priority, so who cares if kids get to college and don’t know history, literature, math or, well, anything.

But the first thing Mitt needs to do is end the Dept. of Education should he become president. There is no constitutional duty for the federal government to educate kids in the states, anyway. It was just another idiotic Washington power grab in the first place.

We’ll go from there.