With a Romney win in Obama’s backyard and with his lead in the delegate count mounting, the media drumbeat that “Mr. Inevitability” is back. At least as far as NBC is concerned, the state of Chicago… uh, I mean Illinois… shows that Republicans are starting to come to his side in this primary.

Certainly if Rick Santorum loses Pennsylvania about a month from now, there is no hope for him. But, there are some other primaries in between that will hurt Team Rick just as bad should he lose them. But even if he does win, many cannot see him getting enough delegates to pass Romney.

So, what does that all mean for Romney? Well, one thing about Illinois exit polls seemed to tell us is that those that voted for Romney did so because they thought he was the one that could best defeat Obama in November. This, NBC claims, is why they think the GOP is starting to finally come to Mitt’s side.

Says NBC:

Romney’s winning the conservative segment of the electorate is an indication that Republican voters are starting to coalesce behind his candidacy. In the March 6 Ohio primary, only 35 percent of conservatives voted for Romney and in South Carolina primary on Jan. 21 only 24 percent of conservatives backed him.

This coupled with the fact that Mitt has always done better among moderates, NBC now feels that the party is coalescing around Mitt.

So, what do you think? Are we looking at the GOP nominee? Is Mitt Romney finally a winner after 6 long years of seeking the nomination?