Representative Paul Ryan is set to make public the House GOP Budget for Fiscal Year 2013, as required by law. The bill will no doubt pass in the House of Representatives, but once the Democrat-controlled Senate gets the Bill, it will die from neglect. The Senate under Harry Reid has not passed a budget for some 3 years. In contrast, the Bipartisan Senate Bill for the Highway Trust Fund, led by Barbara Boxer, will be considered by the House. Odds are that something will pass within two weeks. But the 2013 Budget should have priority, given the fact that the United States federal government has not had a working budget plan now for three years thanks to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Paul Ryan

While full details of the new Ryan Budget will not be made public until later this morning, we do know that it uses a very sharp pen in cutting spending. Already the Senate Democrats are upset that Ryan is cutting more from domestic spending, about $19 Billion extra, from proposed limits of last year′s Debt Ceiling compromise. There are also provisions for reductions in Medicare spending over time, though not as deep as Ryan′s budget proposal last year. The overall reductions in budget deficits is likewise less dramatic than last year′s budget plan, but still much better than the nonsense Barack Obama handed Congress. Obama′s budget claims to reduce federal budget deficits by some $3 Trillion dollars over the next ten years, but the non-partisan CBO scored the Obama budget plan and says that it will actually add some $3.5 Trillion to the National Debt.

So be prepared for a fresh round of political name-calling and buffoonery as Democrats squeal like wounded pigs when Rep. Paul Ryan releases the House GOP budget for 2013. The chorus of dissent will be doubly loud since this is an election year. Already the Barack Obama administration at the White House is using terms like ′death spiral′ to describe what the Ryan budget would do to Medicare. Of course, Obama and his Democrat cronies neglect the facts that Obama Care is the actual death spiral for Medicare, cutting some $500 Billion from it immediately. The House of Representatives will be taking up the Senate Bill for the Highway Trust Fund, sponsored by Barbara Boxer, over the next two weeks. This bipartisan bill is expected to pass, though with some modification. But when will, if ever, the Democrat-controlled US Senate under Harry Reid ever seriously take to the floor a budget proposal? They have not for the past three years are and unlikely to do so this year as well.