Who among you would have thought that Penthouse Pet and International swimsuit model, Simone Farrow is a global drug ring mastermind? But there it is! The blonde beauty was busted Wednesday night at a cheap motel along the Gold Coast Highway. She had been on the run for about a month after skipping out on a $150,000 bail. Two police officers escorted her back to jail via Sydney Airport. Simone Starr Farrow, 37, is said to have some 19 aliases used during her career running a world-wide crystal meth network, running bags of ′ice′ hidden in packages of bath salts. The former Ed Hardy bikini model shipped her product using Fed Ex and UPS.

simone farrow global drug ring

Farrow is accused of trafficking methamphetamine from the United States into Australia. The crystal meth was stashed inside packages marked ″bath salts″, ″pants″ and ″small fountain kits.″ Originally operating from her ′plush′ apartment along Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, at least seven others were involved. One member reported committed suicide after being busted in the United States. She was first arrested in 2009 and was released after a doctor friend of Farrow, Joseph Grech, put up most of the $150,000 bail. When she failed to show up for her court appearance, the bail was revoked and a fresh arrest warrant was issued on March 1st. Farrow had been staying at a flat owned by Dr. Grech.

So this story about Simone Farrow, Global Drug Ring mastermind, has something for everybody. The blonde bikini swimsuit model who has also posed nude in Penthouse was busted on Wednesday during a drug raid at a motel along the Gold Coast Highway. Simone Starr Farrow was flown to Sydney Airport, escorted by police, and turned over to Australian Federal Police. The drug bust beauty was allegedly trafficking crystal methamphetamine, hiding the ′ice′ inside packages of bath salts and other products, using Fed Ex and UPS to deliver the goods.