Rick Santorum may have been celebrating St. Patrick′s Day a bit too much. On Saturday, Santorum said if he wins Illinois, he guarantees he′ll win the Republican nomination. Most polls show the race in Illinois as being very tight, but usually with Mitt Romney in the lead. The Illinois primary is tomorrow and Right Pundits will be on hand with its live blog to bring you Illinois primary results, exit polls, and links to live feeds for streaming video if available. At stake are 54 delegates, though even a Santorum win could mean Romney getting more delegates since Santorum does not have a slate of delegates in some congressional districts. Mitt Romney easily won the Puerto Rico primary on Sunday and will get most of their 23 delegates. With the number of Republican primaries beginning to dwindle, each now becomes more important in the race of who is first in math to reach the needed 1144 delegates. The State of Illinois is not considered a battleground in November and Obama is expected to easily walk away with it.

santorum if illinois

So did Rick Santorum have one too many Guinness beers on Saturday? He did admit to having one around 3pm while campaigning in Missouri. That turned out well as the Missouri Caucuses for 2012 became a nightmare for the GOP. Many caucus sites closed without voting taking place due to disruptions and rowdy crowds. Usually spurred on by outraged Ron Paul backers, some of whom were arrested. At this point, no official results from Missouri have been announced.

The Illinois primary is an odd one as well. Voters will be casting four votes in total. One for the candidate of their choice, which is essentially meaningless. Then three votes for delegates, each of whom are identified as to who they will represent at the convention.

Right now in the mind of Rick Santorum, if winning Illinois means so much, what if he loses? Newt Gingrich ran into that problem after winning in South Carolina and predicting that he would be the nominee if he won in Florida. His campaign went downhill fast after that. So will Rick Santorum′s implode likewise? Probably not immediately, since he still has home state of Pennsylvania as a fire wall. RightPundits will cover the Illinois Primary of 2012 with a live blog starting at 7pm Eastern tomorrow night. In addition to Illinois Primary 2012 results and exit polls, we will also offer live feed links to streaming video and other resources. Just click on the Cover-It-Live box below to join us.