On Friday, Barack Obama signed Executive Order entitled ′National Defense Resources Preparedness′, authorizing wide, sweeping powers over the private and commercial sectors of the nation, for national security purposes. The document lists five specific reasons why Obama feels the need to be able to control private enterprise. Perhaps the second, (b) in Section 103 says it best, ″assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors, materials, skilled labor and professional and technical personnel.″ Under this order, Homeland Security and the Department of Defense will coordinate with other federal agencies and departments, such as the Department of Commerce and the Department of Agriculture.

obama executive order

Now, most people will nod and smile over this as it seems rather innocuous and perhaps even rational. During the height of the Cold War, when America faced the potential of nuclear annihilation if a conflict with the Soviet Union led to thermonuclear war, such contingency plans may have been necessary. But do the same concerns and fears exist today? Does anybody think that the U.S. and Russia of today are preparing to shoot the works in a full exchange of thousands of nuclear weapons, resulting in the outright destruction of civilization as we know it? Or is Obama preparing for some lesser event that may require him to seize full control of the entire national economy?

As we read further in the document, in Part III, Section 301 (a), the executive order addresses loan guarantees to promote ″critical technological items and materials essential for the national defense″. Could this become the new excuse for Obama to continue his policy of handing out fat government loans to failing ′green energy′ companies like Solyndra? In Part VIII, Section 801 (e), we read that all food products, including items like bottled water, may fall under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security. We have already heard before from Michelle Obama that childhood obesity is a ′national defense′ issue, leading to the elimination of large-size candy bars like Snickers, Milky Ways and Three Musketeers.

We have seen before that Barack Obama has no intention of cooperating with the Republican-run House of Representatives. As far as the White House is concerned, getting the payroll tax holiday extension passed was their only legislative issue for the entire year of 2012. Under a plan originally detailed in a report by the Center for American Progress, largely funded by the George Soros organization, the White House and Barack Obama intend to use executive orders as much as possible to skirt Congress. To use federal bureaucratic red tape and regulators to implement their agenda. Just consider the other announcement late Friday that the Department of Health and Human Services will now require all colleges and universities to include students in their health insurance programs, including giving them access to contraceptive coverage.

While Barack Obama signing the Executive Order on Friday for National Defense Resources Preparedness might not mean martial law being imposed any time soon, it certainly gives the White House and Obama more power and authority to impose regulations and its own agenda on private industry and enterprise. Homeland Security will be able to begin drawing up lists and monitoring what industries, and even individual products, they will deem as being necessary for national security. Even in peacetime, they will have the power to impose whatever considerations Obama believes are needed. So what can we expect next? Fluoride in children′s ice cream?