Some may say that the 2012 GOP race is like the Clinton-Obama race in 2008. Today, the Missouri caucus may toss that comparison out the window as chaos erupted at several caucus sites in the ′Show Me State.′ Most of the arguments began as caucus goers debated whether or not to honor the ′beauty contest′ primary vote in February, where Rick Santorum won by more than 30 points. Needless to say, while Santorum supporters advocated that position, Mitt Romney and Ron Paul backers wanted a fresh vote and proportional allocation based on today′s election results. Two Ron Paul backers were arrested at one location near St. Louis. At another site nearby, where some 2,500 people had gathered, the crowd became so rowdy that the caucus was canceled.

missouri caucus 2012

The chaos and confusion is widespread enough where it may be a while before any caucus results are released, if ever. At a caucus event in St. Charles County, the caucus was also suspended after a scuffle ensued following a demand by the caucus organizers that some Ron Paul backers cease video recording the proceedings. An incident in Clay County stemmed from the doors being closed, locking out dozens, if not hundreds of people. The situation there is ugly, to say the least.

Many are arguing that the 2012 GOP race is becoming a polar opposite to the 2008 Clinton-Obama contest. But those saying such either have very short memories or selective amnesia, even as we watch Ron Paul backers arrested. As seen in the documentary film, ″We Will Not Be Silenced″, there was plenty of chaos and bad blood during the 2008 Clinton-Obama race. That we are seeing some now in the GOP race in Missouri is not unexpected, since the RNC adopted the DNC primary system. Add to that the attitudes being created by Mitt Romney and his $100 Million dollar negative ad machine, and what do you expect? This primary season is going downhill fast with Romney destroying the GOP from within. He may be the inevitable nominee, but we will see if there is a PUMA-type movement springing up this summer. The RNC should just go with the February primary results from Missouri, give Rick Santorum most of the delegates and pretend today′s caucus never happened.