This takes chutzpah, doesn’t it? President Obama, a man famed for being sired by a Marxist from Kenya, learning at the feet of extremist communist Frank Marshal Davis, and steeped in the destructive tactics of Saul Alinsky, a radical, anti-American leftist in Chicago, says the he hopes that Abraham Lincoln will “rub off” on the current crop of GOP candidates as they visit Illinois.

All three of the major GOP candidates visited Illinois during this past week to flog their candidacies in the Land of Lincoln whose voters will go to their primary polls this coming Tuesday. Feeling left out, Obama also winged his way into the Windy City — on the taxpayer’s dime, of course — to attend a high-dollar fundraiser for his now six-year-old election campaign for the White House.

While there he uttered these amazing words:

I’m thinking maybe some Lincoln will rub off on them while they’re here.

Funny that. It never worked on him and he was here for 20 some years. I guess there is just too much Marx/Davis/Alinsky in Obama for Lincoln to make much of a dent.

President Lincoln, we all know, is most famous for destroying the old south plantation system that made its fortune on slave labor. Even in his day he was called the Great Emancipator and many of the slaves he help free lovingly called him Father Abraham.

So, what is this president becoming known for? Why, putting everyone, but most especially the poor, back in thrall to government is all. Obama is creating his own, newfangled plantations by imposing ever-greater government control on Americans, enslaving us all to his big brotherism.

Of course, Obama is right about one thing. At another big-money fundraiser in Atlanta he said that the slave-loving Democrat Party and the GOP are offering a “fundamentally different vision about who we are as a country.”

That rings quite true, actually. The GOP wants smaller government. The GOP wants to retain the all-American concept of personal responsibility. The GOP wants Americans to continue enjoying their ages old freedoms and liberties.

Obama and his old-style Democrat cohorts want everyone forced onto their plantation, toiling day in and day out for the benefit of he and his overlords and left without all that messy freedom business.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for the old-style, ante-bellum Democrat Party.

That is a pretty stark difference, indeed.