Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, the non-profit organization behind the Project Kony 2012 viral video on You-Tube, was arrested Thursday night by San Diego police. Russell, who has made the news lately for his campaign to make warlord Joseph Kony from Uganda a world-wide celebrity, was allegedly found on a beach along the Pacific Ocean, drunk, naked and masturbating. Police spokesperson Lt. Andra Brown said that Jason Russell was arrested for allegedly vandalizing cars, being naked in public and may have been under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Russell is currently in a mental health clinic undergoing observation. The CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey, released a statement that Russell was hospitalized for ″exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition.″

kony 2012 arrested

In my previous article on the subject of Project Kony 2012, we looked at how this Internet campaign being waged on You-Tube, Twitter and Facebook may not be entirely based solely on good intentions and charity. Several charity watchdog groups, including the Better Business Bureau, have raised issues concerning the effectiveness of Invisible Children. That barely a third of the money they raise appears to be actually directed at aiding the people of Uganda with most of the cash going towards employee travel and other expenses.

Since the viral video campaign began, there has also been a backlash against Invisible Children by the people of Uganda. The government there insists that Joseph Kony, the warlord who is currently the most wanted man on the list of the International Crime Commission, ICC, is not even in Uganda anymore. That his army of kidnapped children, which years ago may have had as many as 30,000 troops, has been reduced down to a band of perhaps a few hundred loyal followers at most.

The Project Kony 2012 is designed to draw attention to Kony and to obtain support from well-known celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, to speak out against Kony. Also, to gain support from American political figures to increase efforts in the capture and arrest of Kony. Long before Invisible Children began its campaign, the US Treasury Department added Kony and his force, the Lord′s Resistance Army, to the list of terrorist organizations shortly after 9/11. In 2010, the Obama administration sent 100 US military personnel to Uganda to assist local forces in locating and capturing Kony.

While some will argue that Joseph Kony and his crimes against humanity demand swift and massive action by the United States and world in general, the reality appears to be that he has ceased to be a major threat in Uganda. That the world′s attention might be better focused on the continuing escalation of civil unrest and atrocities being committed elsewhere, such as in Syria or in the Darfur region of Sudan-South Sudan. Actor George Clooney was arrested today at a protest over the lack of aid being provided in Darfur. Some may draw a connection between recent spike in oil and gasoline prices due to South Sudan shutting down oil pipelines, built by the Chinese, to refining and transport facilities in Sudan, also built by the Chinese. China, the second largest user of oil after the United States, obtains 6% of their oil products from Sudan.

So Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children, the group behind the Project Kony 2012 viral video, is in a hospital after being arrested by San Diego police for alleged vandalism, being naked in public, masturbating in public and for possible drug or alcohol intoxication in public. This comes after Invisible Children was forced to issue a second video on You-Tube after their first one concerning warlord Joseph Kony in Uganda was exposed as a possible scam. Even supporters of the cause against the leader of the Lord′s Resistance Army must now face the reality that there are some serious issues at play here and that caution should be exercised before anyone gives any money to any charity. All I can add to this is that George Clooney, also arrested today for his protests against Sudan, is lucky he is not in the same place as Russell.