Megyn Kelly of Fox News put Mitt Romney on the hot seat yesterday during her news show. Things got a bit testy at times when Kelly asked about Mitt′s problems connecting with ordinary Americans. But her final question about his previous position regarding health care mandates put Romney on a full defensive mode. Then she almost rudely cut him off with a ′hard break′ in mid-sentence! Oh, the audacity of it all!

megyn kelly mitt romney

But before Mitt Romney fans start sending Megyn Kelly hate emails, think again. Megyn has been in the tank for Romney all along. She has a regular feature when she periodically trots out a panel of ′ordinary voters′, nearly all of whom happen to be Romney supporters. These segments turn into love fests with so much praise and fawning over Romney that it may turn the stomachs of those who have yet to jump on the Mitt Express.

Some media observers will note that there does seem to be some friction between Fox News and the Mitt Romney campaign. Actually, this perception comes from the fact that Romney shunned a good deal of media attention during the pre-primary phase of this election cycle. He focused on doing public venues geared to make him look presidential. Campaign events which could be carefully choreographed and controlled. He really only started doing interviews again on national television once the voting had started.

If there was any rift between Fox News and Mitt Romney, it certainly vanished a while ago. In the three days leading up to Super Tuesday, Romney appeared on all four of Fox News Channel′s top-rated programs; Fox News Sunday, Fox & Friends, Your World with Neil Cavuto and the flagship, The O′Reilly Factor. During the same period, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich each got just two spins at the wheel. Both appeared on separate segments of Fox & Friends, then had segments with Sean Hannity (Santorum) or Greta Van Susteren (Gingrich).

So do not be too surprised or concerned about how Megyn Kelly treated Mitt Romney yesterday during her show on the Fox News Channel. It may have appeared testy or hard hitting. But in reality it was as authentic as a professional wrestling match. Kelly likes Romney and gave him about 11 minutes to clear the air and explain himself and some of his gaffes. That she cut him off was probably a good thing, as Mitt sometimes goes long in his excuses, er, I mean explanations. If anything, Megyn Kelly did Mitt Romney a favor!