According to the latest calculations from the Congressional Budget Office, those non-partisan accountants of the CBO, the projected costs to the National Debt of the first ten years of Obama Care will be around $1.7 Trillion dollars, not the $900 Billion the White House said. This is bad news for Barack Obama, as the CBO has also upgraded the budget deficit for this year to $1.2 Trillion dollars. Even that number may be low considering how America set a new record for a one-month federal budget of over $260 Billion just in February. Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services has made it official that there will be a $1 surcharge on all individual mandated health insurance policies to provide coverage for abortions as part of Obama Care. It just never ends, does it?

obama care costs

So once more, the White House and Barack Obama misled the American people, as well as Democrat members of Congress, who had reservations about abortion coverage being built into Obama Care. Perhaps they should have read the stupid bill before voting on it? As Nancy Pelosi said, we′ll only really learn what is in the bill after it was voted on, since the bill was written giving an extraordinary amount of power to the HHS Department and their regulators. The bill voted on was essentially a blank sheet, or check, that HHS would be allowed to fill in as they, and Barack Obama, see fit.

The ′Affordable Care Act′ has turned into one of the greatest legislative scams ever perpetrated upon the American people. It is right up there with the 16th Amendment and how it would only tax the income of millionaires by 1%. Even the poorest worker now pays more than that just in payroll taxes to fund later federal scams, Social Security and Medicare. So as of 2014, every American, regardless of their religious convictions, will be forced to pay for somebody else wanting an abortion. Planned Parenthood must be very pleased! The only good thing is that the CBO says Obama Care will bankrupt the nation quicker than previously thought, if you consider that a good thing?