Only a government can be this stupid. A family in Bristol City, England received a nice letter from the government informing their brother that, while they know he’s dead and everything, they are cutting off his benefits. But the letter was happy to inform the dead man that he could reapply for benefits later.

The letter was sent to the home of Steve Hutchings who died on Feb. 22 from brain cancer. Apparently he had been trying to get benefits on and off and was having trouble getting the government to approve of the benefits. But the late Feb. letter denied him once again. Reason: death.

The benefit denial letter was headed “claim ended: cl death.”

It read: ‘Your claim for benefit has ended with effect from the above date for the reason shown. If you wish to reclaim housing or council tax benefit, please do so without delay.

So, the government denied him because he was dead, but hastened to inform him that he should reapply soon.

To add insult to injury, the last line of the letter went as follows:

You must tell us if your circumstances change.

You know. In case some morning he wakes up not dead… or undead, maybe.

Naturally the poor grieving family members were a tad upset at all this.

But this is government to a “T,” sadly. Stupid, unthinking, empty of common sense.

Sometimes, though, government stupidity does give us a bit of that good ol’ gallows humor.