Tuesday, March 13 is the date of the Dixie – Duo, the 2012 Alabama and Mississippi primaries. RightPundits will cover the primary results and exit polls of these two Southern states with another of our Live Blogs. Links to other information, such as live video streaming feeds will also be provided when available during our coverage. Alabama has 50 delegates and Mississippi has 40 to be won by the four remaining 2012 GOP presidential candidates. In addition, if any information on the Hawaii caucus with 20 delegates and American Samoa caucus with 9 at stake, we will report it. Mitt Romney is expected to win both Pacific caucuses easily. He also is currently leading in the polls in Mississippi while Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are battle for second place. In Alabama, it is a three-way race for everyone except Congressman Ron Paul.

2012 alabama mississippi primary

With a total of 119 delegates up for grabs, this Tuesday will be the single largest election night until April 24. On that night, 5 states, including New York and Pennsylvania will be contested as the remaining candidates vie for 231 delegates. According to Fox News contributor, Karl Rove, The Architect, his ′white board′ shows that Mitt Romney must win at least 47% of all remaining delegates, and not lose more than one winner-take-all state to achieve the 1144 delegates needed to secure the 2012 GOP nomination. Otherwise, there may be a floor fight at the 2012 Republican National Convention this August in Tampa, Florida.

Will Mitt Romney prevail in Mississippi with the help of Haley Barbour despite his recent controversial pardons? Will Rick Santorum keep the momentum going after his decisive win in Kansas on Saturday? Might Tuesday be curtain-time for Newt Gingrich? Does Ron Paul have anything new in his bag of tricks?

We will find out Tuesday, March 13 as the 2012 Alabama and Mississippi primary results trickle in. Exit polls, links to live streaming video feeds and election results from the Hawaii and Samoa caucuses will be made available during our Live Blog at Cover-It-Live. To participate and exchange comments with our team of writers and editors, just click on the box below. Then fun begins at 7pm Eastern. RightPundits is your source for the latest political news!