Gingrich, on Fox News Sunday today, said that, in recent months he has come to the conclusion that any war for the United States in that region cannot be won.

Newt: I’ve reached the conclusion, frankly about the entire region, that is much more pessimistic than Washington’s official position. When you look at Pakistan and you realize that they had been hiding Bin Laden for at least 7 years in a military city within a mile of their national military university, and their reaction wasn’t to find the people who had been hiding him, it was to find the people who helped the Americans. There is something profoundly wrong with the way that we’re approaching the whole region, and I think that it’s going to get substantially worse, not better, and I think that we’re risking the lives of young American men and women in a mission that may, frankly, not be doable.

After a follow-up question by Chris Wallace, Newt amplified his comments: I think it’s very likely that we have tragically lost the lives and suffered injuries of a considerable number of young Americans on a mission that we’re going to discover is not doable. By not doable, I mean. You’re not going to get Afghanistan, Pakistan, frankly we watch what’s happening in Egypt with the Muslim Brotherhood, look at the things that are going on within the region, and then ask yourself, is this in fact, a harder, deeper problem that is not going to be susceptible to military force, at least military force on the scale that we’re prepared to do, and, if that is true, that is part of the reason why I’ve decided to make energy independence a major part of my campaign….

Hallelujah. The emperor may be finding his clothes. For most of a year, we’ve heard Republicans running for President all (with the exception of Ron Paul) blindly claim that the Afghan War is winnable, if we just had another Commander in Chief. Now, apparently, if we read Newt’s comments correctly, he does not want us to engage in any military action in that region, which I assume includes such other nations that we’re currently beating drumbeats of war, including Iran and Syria. So, at least one of the candidates is willing to say that these decade-long excursions are not just silly, they are stupid.

The following guest, John McCain, clearly disagreed with this view. He became florid when he defended the Israeli position of threatening war, and claimed that we should align ourselves with Israel. We should act in concert with Israel if it finds itself threatened by Iran’s words. Yeah, that war will work out well. I’m guessing that nobody in that region will be upset at all that we engage in yet another long war, merely because a blustery socialist blowhard claims that we should.