Meet Huma Abedin, falsely rumored to be Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover in what is one of the most ridiculous rumors of the election season. See her photos. Although the sensational claims reported in a leading British newspaper are undoubtedly untrue, at least we must admit that Huma would make a great Under Secretary.

She has long been the personal confidant and adviser to Hillary. The Huma Abedin, Hillary lesbian rumors arose from the murky political underworld into blogs and suspect news services over the last month. Now they are exploding on the front page of one of the world’s great newspapers, The Times of London. This is undoubtedly another example of dirty politics and journalists rushing a story that is probably not true.

Update: Back in the news she goes as the McCain affair story breaks. Now everyone wants to hear about Hillary and Huma rumors again. Ridiculous.

Update 5/27/08: Rumors swirling again about Hillary Clinton lesbian. Read more about the mystery woman here.

Update: 5/29/08 – Turns out that Huma is dating New York Rep. Anthony Weiner. So sorry to disappoint everyone’s curiosity but this appears to put the Hillary Lesbian rumor finally to rest where it belongs. As we said before, this ridiculous story probably serves as an example of political dirty tricks. We wonder now if Barack Obama’s campaign was behind it.

Huma Abedin Biography

As a biography, Abedin was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Muslim daughter of a Pakistani mother and Indian father. At age two, she relocated with her family to the enlightened, liberated mecca of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. She immigrated to the United States where she graduated from George Washington University.

Huma is so photogenic that she posed for pictures in Vogue magazine as a sort of campaign beauty thing. Sex sells, even when you have to picture her with a hideous ogre in bed. New book title: Beauty and the Hildabeast. What a waste of youth!

Is Hillary Clinton lesbian? Is Huma Abedin Hillary’s lover? The allegations are being made, and yet they are missing something that was once considered important: evidence. We can find none so you should consider these rumors bogus until proven otherwise.