Some may spell them doughnuts, but the new Dunkin pork donuts may soon become all the rage in China. This very flexible product has been given a new taste twist as Miami Heat basketball star, Lebron James teams up with Dunkin Donuts in China. He will also help sell Baskin Robbins ice cream in Asian nations like South Korea. But it are the pork donuts which are getting all of the attention at the moment. Dunkin Donuts, based in Massachusetts, will be opening some new 100 stores in China, adding to the 5,400 already in Southeast Asia. Along with the pork donut, they will also serve a sea weed donut, a beef curry donut, a green tea donut and, of course, a rice donut. I can only imagine what new flavors of ice cream will be offered as Dunkin Brands also owns Baskin Robbins.

dunkin pork donuts

Usually, when I do these food stories, I generally launch into a rant about First Lady Michelle Obama and her food police. You Rush Limbaugh listeners will know that this week he talked about two, unrelated stories which could be connected by an ardent, anti-Socialist, like myself. First is the story about the growing ′Food Justice′ movement. This stems from the classic ′Theory of Justice′ by Harvard professor, John Rawls. Bill Clinton even honored Rawls with a medal for his work on political philosophy in 1999. Rawls′ book, ″The Theory of Justice″, first published in 1971, has been a sort of bible to for the social and economic equality crowd.

The new Food Justice movement focuses on the inequalities of distribution and access of citizens to ′good food′, such as organic and so-called healthy foods. Major urban areas, like Detroit, Michigan, have few if any, major national chain supermarkets, like a Whole Foods. Residents in inner cities have no choice but to shop at smaller, regional chain stores where the fresh produce and meats are usually a grade or two lower in quality than what can be purchased at more upscale stores. Yes, class warfare in the grocery stores!

But before we get too crazy about the hierarchy of needs for an equal society, the second story of the week that Rush Limbaugh talked about was an article written by Dr, Dwight Lundell for Prevent Disease, and reposted by the website, Signs of the Times. Dr. Lundell, a heart surgeon for 25 years with some 5,000-plus open heart surgeries under his belt says that everything we′ve been told by about low-cholesterol and Omega-6 oils concerning heart disease is WRONG! Cholesterol from saturated fats, like from butter or olive oil, are not the culprits. Inflammation of the tissue in the walls of your arteries and heart are the real reason 25% of adult Americans are popping pills to stay alive. Low-cholesterol foods, based on Omega-6 fats such as those from corn, sunflower or soybean oil, act like a wire brush on your inner tissues, damaging them, and causing heart disease, obesity, and Type-2 diabetes.

So maybe the poor of the inner city are better off not having access to the so-called ′healthy foods′ that the rich do? Unfortunately, thanks to decades of laws and regulations, nearly all processed foods these days fall into the category of heart-damaging foods if Dr. Lundell is right. First Lady Michelle Obama may be a late comer to the Food Justice movement, so we cannot honestly just blame her for making 25% of all adult Americans sicker than they should be. We′ve had more than 30 years of bad information coming from one research study after another. Much like the bad information the global warming and climate change believers promote.

The craze over the Dunkin pork donuts in China may explain why folks in China, South Korea and other Asian nations have a lower rate of heart disease than we Westerners. They′re eating all the old fashioned foods our grand parents ate, loaded with butter and saturated fats. This could mean big bucks for Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins as their very flexible product line turns out to be much healthier for their diets than our alleged ′heart-smart′ foods. Miami Heat basketball super star, Lebron James, should feel proud for his endorsement of Dunkin Donuts in China. While the Food Justice freaks in America, like Michelle Obama, cringe at the thought of children eating pork donuts, they will most likely live better, longer, healthier lives than we Americans will.