There are stupid comments and there are stupid comments. Then there are the comments that enemies and the Old Media (one and the same, really) try to turn into stupid comments when they aren’t stupid comments. The latter happened to Mitt Romney today in his campaign swing to Pascagoula, Mississippi.

As the Mittster bound upon the stage he made a sort of clumsy attempt at humor by playing with a few southern regionalisms. As he started his stump speech he said an acquaintance was trying to school him in southern-talk.

He’s now turning me into an, I don’t know, an unofficial Southerner. I’m learning to say “y’all.” And “I like grits.” Things are, strange things, are happening to me.”

Naturally Politico had to go find someone that wanted to slam Mitt for the attempt at humor (even if it was a bit clumsy).

ABCNews tried to make it seem as if Romney was really trying to act Southern saying:

Is Mitt Romney really a grits-eating, y’all-saying, good ol’ southern man? That’s the image the Michigan-bred former Massachusetts governor has tried to portray on his two-day swing through Mississippi and Alabama, proclaiming his love of grits and testing out his twang by delving into the southern lexicon.

Come on. Romney was just joking. In fact, he was trying to make fun of himself! He wasn’t attempting to “portray an image” at all except that of as a little fun. To show that he is a guy at ease.

Lighten up ABC.

The idiots at New York Mag also attempted to mock the former Governor.

Yep, that’s Southerners for you, to a tee. “Hey, Dave. Beautiful day isn’t it? I like grits!” “It sure is Jim. Have a good one. Grits.”

This is all idiotic hyper criticism.

Romney is just trying to seem like an everyman instead of a stiff, rich white guy. It’s the sort of goofing around almost every candidate tries at one time or another, especially when visiting an area that he is not doing so well in. This is attack is illegitimate. Move on. Nothing to see here.