Can we say “now it begins”? Now the recalcitrant advertisers are clamoring to come back pleading for Rush’s forgiveness to be allowed once again to advertise to his massive audience? Well, maybe it isn’t the crest of a wave but at least two advertisers have asked Rush to come back after this slutgate imbroglio.

Rush’s answer: Thanks but no thanks!

…and rightfully so, too. This sort of disloyalty should never be rewarded with forgiveness. In fact, we as consumers should continue to punish these left-wing-loving cretins with our own boycotts.

Now, I know what you lefties are going to say… who says that one of these advertisers are groveling to come back? Well, the LA Times sez. They are quoting a Limbaugh spokesman, mind you, but the Limbaugh camp offered an email from Sleep Train as proof.

I take this as truth, though, because there is no way the LA Times would publish anything that might make Limbaugh look like a winner — hence why the rest of its report attacks him to try and moot the news of the advertisers whining to come back.

The disloyal louts in question are Sleep Train mattresses. You can contact them here and laugh at their groveling, left-wing stupidity.

In fact, once again, let’s give a list of at least 22 of those advertisers, shall we?

Tell these idiots that you are unhappy with their decision, won’t you? Usually I say be nice but the demeanor of the communication is up to you.