The Breitbart Obama video has been much anticipated for the past week. In the video tape, which has already been selectively released in a heavily edited form, a 31 year old Barack Obama is engrossed in a radical black power issue at Harvard Law School. The full unedited video airs on the Sean Hannity program on March 7th, 2010.

The issue at Harvard was Professor Derrick Bell’s protest in 1986. Bell already had a long history in two stints at Harvard claiming racism, including one laughable claim when a white professor tried to buy a house he wanted for himself. This time Bell was protesting Harvard’s failure to grant tenure to two instructors who the school said were poor academically.

The two professors in question, as well as Derrick Bell and Barack Obama himself, subscribed to the radical black power movement’s assertion that Harvard, and law schools like it, were helping the white ruling majority in society keep the black man down. This was a tenet of the Black Liberation Theology subscribed to by Barack Obama’s racist church in Chicago, led by Jeremiah Wright, which became infamous in the 2008 election cycle. Incidentally, it is also the primary idea contained in Michelle Obama’s college thesis paper.

In reality Bell and Obama were attempting to lower the academic standards at Harvard with two objectives. One objective was diversity of skin color, meaning more black professors and less from other races, and the other was to introduce more radical faculty members. Bell later wrote a book called Confronting Authority, which had some influence in the black power movement and something Barack Obama cited himself.

So Barack Obama thrust himself into the debate at Harvard on the side of a radical professor. It is what he generally did at the time, and it is actually interesting that the video tapes of him in other venues have apparently all been destroyed.

That he would take the side of a radical is not surprising. It fits with his life story. His mother was a radical atheist and his stepfather an Islamic radical. He was friends with domestic terrorists in Chicago, and attended a church centered on Black Liberation Theology. Siding with a radical professor like Derrick Bell was second nature to Barack Obama.

So here is the Breitbart Obama video. The full unedited tape will replace the edited version when it becomes available later in the day. You can see that a large block (the radical part!) was selectively edited out toward the end of the tape. This will be shown in full later.