The March 6 Super Tuesday 2012 election results are in and it was a very good night for Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor won six of the ten contests from yesterday. His biggest wins were in Massachusetts, Virginia, Idaho as far as margins go. But Romney also won the grand prize, the all important battle ground state of Ohio in a very close race against Rick Santorum. RightPundits very own Patrick McCain called Ohio for Romney more than five hours before the networks did after brilliantly analyzing the data county by county. Romney also won Alaska in a close race and easily took Vermont.

super tuesday 2012 election results

Santorum did well, too, winning three states, Tennessee, Oklahoma and North Dakota. Newt Gingrich survived the night winning his former home state of Georgia by a wide margin. The biggest losers of the evening were the two renegades of Congress, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Paul won no states and few delegates. In Virginia, where Paul and Romney were the only two GOP presidential candidates, Paul got 41% of the vote but walks away with only 3 delegates. Long time Democrat Congressman Kucinich lost his primary fight in Ohio to Marcy Kaptur. Another interesting Congressional race in Ohio saw the famous Joe The Plumber, Samuel Wurzelbacher, a Tea Party favorite, defeat Steve Kraus in the GOP primary for Ohio′s 9th Congressional District.

In terms of delegates, we have some confusion, thanks to how each state assigns them. But Mitt Romney clearly won most of them last night, about 208 total. Rick Santorum may have won as many as 84, depending on how the math works. Newt Gingrich earned 72 thanks to Georgia mainly. Ron Paul picked up between 21 to 24 delegates last night.

The Super Tuesday 2012 election results for last night′s primary and caucus fights puts Mitt Romney further ahead in his race to win the GOP presidential nomination. The battle moves on to next week′s contests in Kansas, Alabama and Mississippi, where most eyes will be watching the struggle between Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. The suspense of the voting in Ohio went very late in the evening as the state was not called by the networks until nearly 2am Wednesday morning. But the guy you have to feel sorry for last night was Ron Paul. How could he get 41% of the vote in Virginia and still only win 3 of the Commonwealth′s 46 delegates? As our own writer Arriba said during our live blog coverage last night, its ″the wonderful and mysterious world of math.″