22 companies have decided to end their relationship with the Rush Limbaugh radio show. They’ve done this because a campaign of intimidation by several left-wing organizations and websites.

Some may claim that they did this because of the outrage over Limbaugh’s comments, but this is clear untrue as many of these same advertisers use shows like Ed Schultz as a platform to sell their products and Ed Schultz has said FAR worse things than Rush ever has. Clearly it isn’t because these advertisers are pining for civility.

Till, these advertisers have listened to the wide-ranging anti-Rush campaign waged by left-wingers. That’s what speaking up does. Squeaky wheel, right?

Why are conservatives sitting around doing nothing, then? You want to tell these advertisers that you disapprove of their actions? Then contact them. Here is a list of the 22 advertisers and their contact links.

Contact them today and let them know that you are just as much against them pulling their ads from Rush as the lefties are happy that they’ve done so.

If you don’t speak up, the left wins.

Click on these names and contact those advertisers, folks!