Former KGB and two-term president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, appears to have won a third term after today′s elections in Russia. Shifting back from Prime Minister of the parliament as head of the United Russia Party to President, Putin replaces his partner in politics, Dmitry Medvedev to reign over Russia for another six years. But today′s Presidential elections are not without controversy. Accusations of voter fraud from last December′s parliamentary elections led to webcams being placed at polling stations throughout Russia. Communist Party candidate Gennady Zyuganov is crying foul in Moscow. Putin appears to have won 61% of the vote in a 5-way race, against Zyuganov with 18%, Billionaire Mikhail Prohorov of the Right Cause Party with 9%, Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Nationalist Party with 7% and Socialist Party candidate, Sergei Mironov with 5%.

Vladimir Putin wins
Vladimir Putin has his eyes set on his victory as a third-term president following today′s election in Russia. Image Credit:

So what does this mean to us? Not a whole lot. The situation between Russia and the United States will remain the same. They will not cooperate much with us on many topics, like the nuclear program in Iran or the unrest in Syria. On the other hand, at least we will not have to change any of our policies, either. Everything will be Status Quo, more or less.

Which may not be a bad outcome, since, other than Prohorov, the other candidates may have made matters worse. Zyuganov is a Communist, Zhirinovsky a Fascist and Mironov a Socialist. Good luck with one of them in office! May as well call up Omaha and tell the Air Force to get SAC Headquarters back up and running. Russia′s best chance for some genuine reform might, and I stress the word ′MIGHT′, have been with Prohorov. He is the third richest man in Russia and has a taste for all the benefits of Western Civilization. Americans may know him as the owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA basketball team.

Prohorov is the closest thing to a ′liberal′, in the classic sense, as far as Russian politics is concerned. But some have issues with him as well, mainly from being part of the oligarchy that bought up many of the old Soviet Union assets in the 1990s for pennies on a dollar. A whole lot of Russians view these men as thieves. Prohorov is very media-savvy, owning a publishing company, and could become a force to be reckoned with in the future.

But for now, Vladimir Putin is back winning a third term as president of Russia. While results show Putin winning some 61% of the vote in today′s Russian presidential election, a nationwide exit poll has him a bit over 58%. Putin′s United Russia Party won the parliamentary elections last December amid accusations of widespread vote fraud. Today, he replaces his political ally, Dmitry Medeved as president for six more years. Communist Party candidate Gennady Zyuganov, who came is second with 18% of the vote, is already crying foul in Moscow. Mikhail Prohorov of the Right Cause Party finished third with just 9%, followed by Vladimir Zhirinovsky of the Nationalist Party at 7% and Sergei Mironov of the Socialist Party with 5%.