In just a few short hours we will know who won, did best and lost most in the 2012 Super Tuesday primary with exit poll and election results. As usual, RightPundits will host a live blog to cover and provide analysis the Super Tuesday primaries for 2012, as well as provide links to live streaming video feeds and other interesting websites. The GOP candidates, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich are all busy campaigning across America in this week′s ten state battle. We have three Super Tuesday caucuses, Alaska with 27 delegates, Idaho with 32 and North Dakota with 28 up for grabs. The seven Super Tuesday primary states are Georgia with the most, 76 delegates, followed by Ohio with 66, Tennessee with 58, Virginia with 49, Oklahoma with 43, Massachusetts with 41 and Vermont with 17 delegates. The polls will start closing at 8pm EST in some states and we will be watching all the action till late into the night.

2012 super tuesday primary

A great deal is at stake on Super Tuesday 2012. Aside from all of the delegates, momentum is beginning to favor Mitt Romney in the key November election battleground state of Ohio. Rick Santorum′s double-digit lead there has all but evaporated. Gingrich is investing heavily in his former home state of Georgia, since he failed to get past the Byzantine rules in Virginia, and is hoping to do well in TN and OK, setting the stage for next week′s fights in Alabama and Mississippi as part of his ″Southern Strategy.″ Ron Paul would like to win at least one state, but will easily settle for a few delegates here and there.

While Mitt Romney continues to earn more endorsements from GOP Establishment types like Eric Cantor and Tom Coburn, Newt Gingrich picked up a very important endorsement this week by the free-thinking purist, Thomas Sowell. In his March 1st column, Sowell writes ″Newt Gingrich is the only candidate still in the field who can clearly take on Barack Obama in one-on-one debate and cut through the Obama rhetoric and mystique with hard facts and plain logic.″ No doubt about that!

So join RightPundits for our 2012 Super Tuesday primary live blog to find out who wins and who lost. Along with as many Super Tuesday 2012 primary analysis , caucus and exit poll results, we will also we providing links ton live streaming video feeds as the candidates count their votes and delegates. Just click on the Cover-It-Live box below to join the fun, which we will start by 7pm EST. The 10 state battle this Super Tuesday 2012 is the one we have been waiting for!