Mitt Romney won the 2012 Washington State caucus yesterday, getting 36% of the vote. Mind you, the Republican Party caucus was basically a straw poll, as no delegates were awarded. But still, it does help him with the ever popular consensus that Romney will be the inevitable nominee come the Republican National Convention in Tampa this summer. The race to replace Barack Obama from the White House continues this Tuesday, Super Tuesday, with ten states up for grabs. Ron Paul finished second yesterday with about 25%, Rick Santorum came in third with almost 24% and Newt Gingrich brings up the rear with just under 11%.

mitt romney washington caucus

Meanwhile, guardian of the GOP Establishment, George Will, has basically thrown in the towel with his Washington Post op-ed piece this weekend. Reciting William F. Buckley′s lamentations about the 1964 campaign, Will reflects on the merits of a ″constructive defeat″ and the ′Buckley Rule′ on voting for the ″most electable″ Conservative candidate. At this point, George is prepared to go along with either Romney or Santorum being the GOP nominee, but sees replacing Obama as less important than maintaining control of the House and winning back the Senate.

I tend to agree with this, at least in part. While it is true that a second Obama term will likely be a dicey one, with him attempting to circumvent Capitol Hill at every turn using executive orders, federal regulators, etc., a Republican-controlled House and Senate should be able to impede him sufficiently. Of course, this would mean yet another 4 years where very little gets gone in regards to putting the American train back on track.

A reelected Obama would be a lame duck. Furthermore, if he has half a brain, and realizes that his agenda of transformation is kaput, then he may shift gears and consider his overall legacy. Ego has a habit in seeping in at moments like this. If the Republicans can manage to win 60 seats in the Senate, which is not out of the question, Obama will no longer have anyone to hide behind, as he currently does with Harry Reid. Such may force him to look towards how history will judge his presidency and Obama will finally begin actually talking and working with Republicans. Let′s face reality, John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, despite what the Media says, are not Far-Right ideologues. Those two are more than prepared to compromise if they can get 51% or more of what they want in any legislation.

So while Mitt Romney won the 2012 Washington State caucus yesterday, moving him one step closer to being the Republican party nominee, George Will is already accepting the concept of Barack Obama being in the White House for 4 more years. Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul will continue their campaigns until the Republican National Convention. But in today′s Washington Post op-ed, Will makes the argument that the Conservative movement needs to focus more on winning back the Senate and keeping the House. He is already looking at who might run in 2016. Of course, George Will does not consider the possibility that we may not have 4 years to play with. As the Klingons quote Shakespeare, ″taH pagh taHbe!″, ″To be or not to be.″ That is always the question we face!